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"Never Again"
If you like to taste and smell smoke from a burning cardboard box, if you like having you cigars unravel from the moment you light them then this is the cigar for you. Had a box and finally smoked them all. I could not give them to any friends. . . too embarrassed to give someone this. I saved one to place next to a dog terd in my yard, and they had the same characteristics . Hum.
Mark in Marksville March 2, 2013
"Not Good but Not Bad"
An inexpensive cigar, so I was not expecting a great smoke. Pretty good draw and construction. Started off very mild and stayed mild until the halfway point. Then the taste turned into an ashtray. I typically smoke my cigars down to at least the 2 inch mark. But after trying a couple maromas I won't smoke a maroma past the halfway mark again. Not bad for a cheap cigar. And for $1.50 per stick I can afford to throw it away a little early.
Chris in Oregon May 2, 2011
"Very Good!"
I bought a bunch of 5 packs - only wish that I had purchased more. These are very smooth, very buttery, very good!
Gar Guy in USA March 6, 2011
"Great for the price"
I've bought several 5 packs and the cigars have always been good. I paid more for a lot less of a smoke.
Gary in Amherst,Ohio November 5, 2010
"don't buy"
I bought a 5 pack and the cigars were great. I bought a box and they burned terrible. I have to relight all the time and I just ended up tossing the cigar in the trash. I have smoked 10 so far out of the box and they are all that way. Maybe I just got a bad box but it will be my last.
mike in lexington May 29, 2010
"Definitely Mild"
Recently ordered a five-pack because Maroma is said to go great with coffee. The cigar looks good; Constrution and draw are decent, burn OK but a bit uneven. But for me, it is a real letdown in taste and strength. This cigar is billed as medium, but it definitely mild. on the mild end of mild, and remains that way though it builds about an inch into it. Maroma might be a good smoke for a rookie, but not for the experienced smoker, even as the first cigar of the day with that morning cup of coffee.
David in Central NC October 11, 2008
"Over all, a good value for the money"
A good value for the money; however, consistency of construction (draw,packing)is sometimes a problem--varies from box to box, but a very good smoke for the money!
James in Birch Bay August 9, 2008
"With A Cup of Coffee"
As a college student I'm always looking for the best value for my dollar, and this is a great find. I got these from Cigar Monster the other week. I took one out of the wrapper and put the rest in the humidor. This is a great smoke that can compare to that of a Macanudo at half the price. The draw is easy, lots of smoke, a solid ash. Burn was a little off but I think at this price I dont mind. Overall I a mild smoke with a great wrapper, can't wait till it gets warm so I can smoke more of these!!!!
Eric in Grand Rapids February 28, 2008
"Best smoke for the money that I have found."
This is the best smoke for the money that I have found. I always keep some in my humidor and have turned on several golf buddies to this cigar.
pmdgolf in January 26, 2008
"Great smoke for the price would buy again"
Picked up a box of these at auction, not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised smooth mild smoke all the way to the nub nice draw, this is my go to cigar when I don't want to burn a high priced one Will be buying these again
Gerry Faber in Honey Brook, PA January 1, 2008
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10 Construction (78) 100
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