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Metal Trigger V Cutter Reviews [view details]

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"Ron in NY"
Same experience as Todd from Georgia. Worked well for a while, then broke, sending the cutter part and the internal springs flying. I think a much better design would be to pull the cutter out against the spring tension, locking it open, then using the spring compression to do the actual cutting. Dont see the point of using the spring to open the cutter - the tension of the spring does help w/ the cut a little bit, but not much. I'm a big fan of the V-Cut and generally use the $5 plastic V-Cutter. Being a cheapskate I try not to spend too much on lighters and cutters cause they typically get lost, but $10 seemed like a fair price for this product. I'm waiting to see what Famous does about replacing it.
Ron in New York, NY May 11, 2012
"Twenty cigars and then broke!"
After cutting about 20 cigars. I pressed the buttons to open it and it flew out the bottom across the room. throwing springs and metal pieces all over the place! It was actually pretty funny.
Todd in Georgia May 7, 2012