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Mi Barrio Reviews

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Mi Barrio El Billetero
"Outstanding smoke"
I am a devout Arturo Fuente smoker, love the Don Carlos line as well as Opus X. These are a great alternative to Don Carlos, great smoke from light up to nub. This is my fifth box and they have been consistently good with a nice mix of complex flavors - Leather, coffee, chocolate. A nice earthy stick and no foul aftertaste. Solid construction with no issues in 5 boxes. My biggest problem is now to keep my friends from smoking them all out from under me.
Jim in Peoples Republik, Konnecticut February 20, 2015
Mi Barrio El Billetero
"Very Disappointing Construction"
I have tried 10 of these and in every case the wrapper split and fell away from the cap to the band when cut. The same cutter was used in between attempts to cut other torpedos - Partagas P2s and Don Pepin Garcia Imperiales - perfectly. As I live in Malaysia it's not cost-effective to send them back.
Mac in Malaysia September 27, 2014
Mi Barrio El Forro
"They were okay."
So I got what I think is a good deal on an entire box for $100.00? I won my bid on Thursday and received my order on Monday. I told myself I was going to leave them in the humi for at least 3 months before lighting one up but i could not help myself? The flavors were okay however about hallways it started falling apart? it was downhill after that however i will be fair and not blame the stogie?. I will simply give the stogies the time they deserve aging? thanks.
Andy in South Texas August 13, 2014
Mi Barrio El Billetero
""Unique flavorful surprise""
I got a box of these at auction at a nice discount thinking they would be OK to try out and give away to my buddies when wegot together. What a surprise, these cigars have shelf space in my best humidor on the second shelf under my Padrons. Oh and iI have only given one away.
Bobby in MO August 5, 2014
Mi Barrio El Acere
"Among The Best"
I continue to buy these cigars at auctions because they are equal in flavor, complexity and draw to the best cigars on the market ... and I mean, THE BEST. These cigars are very pleasing to taste for the full flavor cigar lover. There's probably a more flavorful cigar, but I haven't ever smoked one. The only areas with a less than perfect score are burn and consistency. Once in a while, I get one of these that needs to be "doctored" assiduously. Construction and appearance are fine, as a rule. I just can't believe everybody else isn't doing a Black-Friday-at-Walmart to get their hands on these cigars!
publictakeover in nyc May 30, 2014
Mi Barrio Robusto
Easy draw. That s the best point of the cigar. Totally unimpressed with the flavor. It has nothing to distinguish itself but a single bland flavor.
Cal in Kentucky May 12, 2014
Mi Barrio El Acere
After having read the other reviews here, I ordered a box of these. I wish I had returned them. Half of the sticks had cracks or splits in them straight out of the box. Out of the remaining 10, a couple split just after I lit them up. While the flavor of the remaining smokes was good, I won t be buying any more Mi Barrio cigars.
MK in Morganton, NC May 10, 2014
Mi Barrio El Billetero
"Awesome Surprise!"
Best cigar I ve ever smoked. Wow. Get em while they re in stock!
Public Takeover in New York City April 29, 2014
Mi Barrio Robusto
Toothy wrapper and excellent draw [through a bullet hole]. Medium bodied, with typical Don Pepin flavors of pepper and cedar. Got harsh at the nub and burnline was very wavy overall. 87 points
Stefan in City by the Bay April 17, 2014
Mi Barrio El Billetero
"good stick"
I really enjoy these after a long day.full of flavor
ROB in TX February 19, 2014
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