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Mi Barrio Reviews

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Mi Barrio El Billetero
Got one of these as part of the 5 Star Sampler and let it sit for a few months in the humi before smoking. Appearance, draw, etc were all nice but I didn t care for the flavor all that much 80/100. First 2/3 s were ok tasting and smooth but the last 3rd seemed a bit to bitter for my palate.
Travis February 18, 2014
Mi Barrio El Forro
"I want to know if the blends changed since 2012"
I have heard the blends been tampered with and would like to know if that s the truth or if they aren t full bodied and full strength with a creamy taste like the 2012 version of these smokes
robert in sayre February 12, 2014
Mi Barrio Robusto
"good flavor poor construction"
was looking forward to these after the positive reviews, but am a bit disappointed. flavor is good, but not great. biggest issue is construction - wrapper kind of comes apart during smoking. still good overall, but not good enough to buy again. prefer oliva series V.
robert in sayre February 12, 2014 December 4, 2013
Mi Barrio El Billetero
"Great Smoke, enjoyed it to the last minute"
this is an excellent cigar, i loved it. It is full bodied, decent spice, great aroma and i just fell in love with it the moment i lit it up.
Arsalan in Chicago November 17, 2013
Mi Barrio Robusto
"Very disappointed. More like a 55 not 95."
I was looking forward to trying this 95 rated cigar (only 3 reviews), which was a "bonus" as part of my "over $75" order from Famous Smoke. Very disappointed...this cigar is horrible. Sorry I have 4 more to smoke. Bad taste from the beginning and bad burn.
Tom in Brzezicki September 10, 2013
Mi Barrio El Billetero
"My New Favorite"
My new favorite! Full rich taste, good draw, great burn and construction, everything you want in a great cigar!
Will in Indianapolis In August 27, 2013
Mi Barrio El Puro
"great taste... lousy burn"
I had read several reviews so I thought I would try a box of the El Puro. From the first cigar to the last the taste was as advertised, but the burn was not even or consistant and nearly every cigar burned deep on one side. I have been smoking high quality cigars for nearly fifty years so this is not my first experience. Great taste but way to much trouble ... will not buy another box.
Larry in Phoenix July 29, 2013
Mi Barrio El Forro
"even my wife loves these"
Found these a few months back and love them. Great flavor with plenty of smoke. Recently my wife surprised me and asked if she could have one of my cigars so I gave her one of these. She absolutely loved it and was even giving me reviews thru the whole cigar. This could be a problem now. Going to need more cigars.
tom in cookeville,tn January 20, 2013
Mi Barrio El Acere
"Solid Stick"
I've smoked the torpedo (billeterio?) and liked it alot so decided to try the El Acere. Good thing i like it because i bought a box on Monster Name your Price. Just smoked one last night after letting them sit for a month. My hunting partner and I really enjoyed these cigars. I'm gonna say this is the best smoke i've had recently. Its just a solid cigar. Great burn, great flavor, med-full body. Smokes for a solid 90 minutes. 90+ in my book.
DB2 in PA September 25, 2012
Mi Barrio El Billetero
"It was decent"
It was ok but to be honest I would rather have a Joya Antano or a La Gloria Serie R. The burn and draw were both fantastic but the flavor was just good and not great. So don't get me wrong it was a solid smoke but I don't place it up to snuff with the others I mentioned.
Dave in Mass July 23, 2012
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