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Mi Barrio Reviews

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Mi Barrio El Puro
If you only used one word to describe this cigar it would be smooth. I found myself halfway into the cigar before I realized it because it was so good. The creamy profile of the cigar was a dream. The cigar was medium and peaked into M/F at the end. The cigar did add some spice at the end and remained cool for me to smoke it all the way to the nub. Since I review cigars I try not to smoke the same one twice since I can only review it once. This is not the case here. Two days later I found myself craving this cigar and I smoked another.
Smokin' Logan in USA February 6, 2012
Mi Barrio El Forro
"Terribly Inconsistent"
Something has gone horribly wrong with quality control since last year. I bought several boxes (mostly the Toro size) last year and enjoyed them. It was a strong, typical Pepin/EO cigar with lots of pepper, depth and power. My experience this winter, however, has ranged from excellent to horrible. I threw the last two out at the half-way mark and considered giving the box away, but tried another one yesterday. It was what I remember! Very nice smoke! So I eagerly had one after work tonight...poor construction, canoed badly, and the taste was bitter and harsh. Based on this box, I can't recommend them and will not buy anymore. The 601 Habano (Red) and the 601 Maduro (Blue) are much better smokes for the money.
Phil in Oregon January 26, 2012
Mi Barrio El Billetero
Everything about this stick is "excellent". It should be given a 90's rating. The flavor is creamy, some sweet spice,cedar,coffee,and nut. It's a full body stick but as strong a My Father. I smoked 3 the Saturday after I got my box and all 3 the same. Delicious... One of Pepin's best.
dave cross in chattanooga, tn February 13, 2011
Mi Barrio El Forro
"My celebratory cigar"
The first Mi Barrio I ever had I got from a cigar rep for free to sample. I took it home and let it sit in my cigar box for 2-3 days before I lit it up one night and fell in love with this smoke. It has just the right amount of flavor and the finishing spice note is perfect as far as Im concerned. Since Im a pretty much broke college student I only buy this cigar when Im celebrating since $11 for a cigar is just a little bit out of my budget for a regular smoke. But when I do buy one I savor ever second of it, and i wish that i could enjoy it more often. All in all an excellent cigar.
Tim Beers in Pennsylvania February 11, 2011
Mi Barrio El Forro
"Excellent flavor. Cigars ages very well."
This is quite a good cigar. All the sizes have plenty of good flavor. I won't get into gustatory references. Suffice it to say that this is the typical EO brands full flavored cigar with the added bonus of aging very well, with the flavors rounding out while not losong any intensity.
Dan in Georgia November 13, 2010
Mi Barrio El Forro
"Excellent Pepin"
The first one I had was just ok after a day or two. But, after a few weeks rest the next one was fantastic. You certainly owe it to yourself to pick up a test flight of these. If the first one disappoints just let them rest a little and I promise you will not be disappointed.
Brad D, in Sugar Land, TX October 16, 2010
Mi Barrio El Forro
"full flavored sleeper of the year!"
There is nothing negative about this beauty. Your price is the lowest around. Don't hesitate. Buy this one.
lenny king in brooklyn ny October 2, 2010
Mi Barrio El Forro
"A Very Enjoyable Smoke"
An enjoyable tasting smooth smoke to the end!
Mike in Washington, NJ July 10, 2010
Mi Barrio El Puro
"One of the Best Don Pepins!"
This is one of my 3 or 4 favorite cigars of all time. Has the complexity of the brown label Tats, and (especially the el Puro) is great value for the money. all 5 or so boxes I have gotten from Famous have been consistently great! At the price they are at now (especially with the free gift) make this a no-brainer!
Grant in Chicago June 12, 2010
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