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"Outstanding smoke"
I am a devout Arturo Fuente smoker, love the Don Carlos line as well as Opus X. These are a great alternative to Don Carlos, great smoke from light up to nub. This is my fifth box and they have been consistently good with a nice mix of complex flavors - Leather, coffee, chocolate. A nice earthy stick and no foul aftertaste. Solid construction with no issues in 5 boxes. My biggest problem is now to keep my friends from smoking them all out from under me.
Jim in Peoples Republik, Konnecticut February 20, 2015
"Very Disappointing Construction"
I have tried 10 of these and in every case the wrapper split and fell away from the cap to the band when cut. The same cutter was used in between attempts to cut other torpedos - Partagas P2s and Don Pepin Garcia Imperiales - perfectly. As I live in Malaysia it's not cost-effective to send them back.
Mac in Malaysia September 27, 2014
""Unique flavorful surprise""
I got a box of these at auction at a nice discount thinking they would be OK to try out and give away to my buddies when wegot together. What a surprise, these cigars have shelf space in my best humidor on the second shelf under my Padrons. Oh and iI have only given one away.
Bobby in MO August 5, 2014
"Awesome Surprise!"
Best cigar I ve ever smoked. Wow. Get em while they re in stock!
Public Takeover in New York City April 29, 2014
"good stick"
I really enjoy these after a long day.full of flavor
ROB in TX February 19, 2014
Got one of these as part of the 5 Star Sampler and let it sit for a few months in the humi before smoking. Appearance, draw, etc were all nice but I didn t care for the flavor all that much 80/100. First 2/3 s were ok tasting and smooth but the last 3rd seemed a bit to bitter for my palate.
Travis in February 18, 2014
"Great Smoke, enjoyed it to the last minute"
this is an excellent cigar, i loved it. It is full bodied, decent spice, great aroma and i just fell in love with it the moment i lit it up.
Arsalan in Chicago November 17, 2013
"My New Favorite"
My new favorite! Full rich taste, good draw, great burn and construction, everything you want in a great cigar!
Will in Indianapolis In August 27, 2013
"It was decent"
It was ok but to be honest I would rather have a Joya Antano or a La Gloria Serie R. The burn and draw were both fantastic but the flavor was just good and not great. So don't get me wrong it was a solid smoke but I don't place it up to snuff with the others I mentioned.
Dave in Mass July 23, 2012
"nice full body smoke"
I'm smoking one of these babies now, definitely woody with a hint of sweetness. I have a left to right draft in my smoking room so all my cigars need to be rotated to burn evenly but this one seems to have a more uniform burn. Half way through I pick up the spice
Bill in Tennessee July 12, 2012
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10 Taste (94) 100
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10 Construction (95) 100
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