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Hard to keep humidity. Took me 2 crystal gel jars - 2 oz and 4 oz plus humifier included to reach 70/70.
Misrpotey2k2 in Maryland March 13, 2012
This is not my first humidor. I purchased the Milano additional humidor so that I would be able age my cigars longer. After two months of use the screws pulled out of the lid and the lid fell off. I did not over humidify and I did not put stress on the lid. Before I purchased this humidor I had been using the same very inexpensive humidor with no brand name that I considered to be cheaply built, until I bought the Milano humidor. This Milano humidor wins the prize for "cheaply built junk." Save your money. Wait for a sale and buy a humidor built by a reputable manufacturer.
Bill in March 5, 2011
"Not bad, just needs a better humidifier"
This was my first humidor, which at the time was a pretty good bargain, but I've found others that hold more for less money, and it sells under the Famous brand. This humidor holds 75 realistically. The biggest downfall about this humidor is the humidifier that comes with it. Ditch it and pick up a Xikar crystal humidifier, the 100 count will suffice. If you want more reliability, upgrade to a digital hygrometer capable of calibration. With said upgrades, you've got a great humidor.
Brandon in Minnesota January 25, 2010
Very dry cigar.
Brett in Wisconsin December 1, 2008