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"I have to agree with "Junk""
Have had one for years... Don't know why I am still messing with it. The fan seems to either run too frequently or not at all. The control has to be nudged ever so slightly to get it set. Then the season changes. There seems to be no relationship between the control setting and the actual humidity. Too bad!
Chris Grable in Southern Maryland March 17, 2013
"where can i buy a replacement hydrostat?"
would rather replace hydrostat than the whole unit.
rick c in denver colo October 8, 2012
"Moist-N-Air the best"
I have owned a moist-N-Air humidifier for the past 12 - 15 years. It has worked like a champ. I would recommend it to anyone. My unit runs around 15- 18 hours a day. Presently I am in search of a new fan motor for my unit. This is the first time in 12 years that I have had to service it, I think that is a fantastic track record. Would you think so?
Frank in Naples, Florida July 13, 2012
"Great concept - poor performer"
I have a large end table style humidor. I purchased this unit especially for that unit. The thermostat will not come close to the setting. It either runs constantly or doesn't come on at all. This is an air conditioner thermostat not intended for this application. Oil leaks from the motor into water tank which creates an odor and an oil slick.
Bob W in Florida September 14, 2011
Nothing but problems since the first day I had it. It does not regulate humidity at all, it's either on or off no matter what percentage is selected. I just recently replaced the hydrostat (another $50.00 wasted) and I still have the same problems. It has a mind of it's own! Sometimes it will come on, sometimes it won't shut off. Don't wait your time and money.
Louis C. in N. California September 13, 2011
"Outstanding humidifier"
Best humidifier I have ever owned. I converted an old cabinet into a humidor and once the humidity level was set all I had to do was check the water level. Simple but great. Going to get another to build a bigger humidor.
R Anderson in W Des Moines, IA August 18, 2011
"Works great so far"
Bought this for a large cabinet humidor I built. So far it is working great. Cabinet is a 3000 cigar size so this will handle a large cabinet no problem.
Zach s in Ventura ca March 25, 2011
"Keeps my Cigars moist and fresh all winter long"
I have had this humidifier for about 7 years with no problems at all. It has served me well from late fall to late spring when natural humidity in the NY area takes over. I whole heartedly recommend this humidifer to all.
Ed Streim in Great Neck, NY January 17, 2011