Moist-N-Aire Case Humidifier

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Humidify your cabinet or large end table humidor like a pro with the classic Moist-N-Aire electronic humidifier - the same unit used by cigar stores for their display cases. Built to last for years, there's no better way to keep 100's or even a thousand cigars fresh. If you have the space, buy it!
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"I have to agree with "Junk" "
Have had one for years... Don't know why I am still messing with it. The fan s... more
Chris Grable in Southern Maryland
"where can i buy a replacement hydrostat? "
would rather replace hydrostat than the whole unit.
rick c in denver colo
"Moist-N-Air the best "
I have owned a moist-N-Air humidifier for the past 12 - 15 years. It has worked... more
Frank in Naples, Florida
"Great concept - poor performer "
I have a large end table style humidor. I purchased this unit especially for tha... more
Bob W in Florida
"Junk! "
Nothing but problems since the first day I had it. It does not regulate humidity... more
Louis C. in N. California
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