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Monte By Montecristo Reviews

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Monte By Montecristo Toro
"One of my Favorites"
Currently one of my favorite cigars, full of rich flavor throughout the entire cigar. The only problem I have with this cigar is the burn on it is very uneven, which I would try to fix with my tourch lighter, but for some reason it would go back to being uneven a few puffs later. Other then that, it was a great cigar!
Griffin in Connecticut February 22, 2015
Monte By Montecristo Conde
"Hands Down One Of The Best Non-Cuban Cigars"
Great cigar rated #9 by Cigar Aficionado for 2014. Smooth taste, even burn, consistent from one cigar to the next.
Virrillio H. in Clayton, DE January 22, 2015
Monte By Montecristo Monte
"Not worth the price"
Nothing great. Reminded me of a $4.00 stick I received in a sampler pack. Save your money.
Ed in New England June 7, 2014
Monte By Montecristo Monte
"Good Cigar"
Looks good,taste great,consistent burn and priced right...
Charles in Atl May 27, 2014
Monte By Montecristo Conde
In life we have many CHOICES...In the humidor my shall be The Monte Conde. It is a mild full flavored cigar that burns beautifully from start to finish. Thank you Famous and Montecristo for making this so far my all time favorite.
Herb in Dana Point April 20, 2014
Monte By Montecristo Toro
"Certainly not a Classic"
I got just over an inch into smoking this cigar when started getting bitter. Puffed a few more times and it was getting worse. I was really disappointed because I was really looking forward to this smoke when I got it.
Mike in Virginia March 17, 2014
Monte By Montecristo Toro
"Not bad, but dissapointed"
My experience with Montecristo is with the Classic which I actually enjoy, and the Yellow box which I find to be terrible. My normal smokes are from Davidoff, Arturo Fuente, Ashton and Padron so I tend to prefer finer cigars with lots of flavor. The Monte reminded me of a stronger bodied Classic yet it lacked the sweet chocolate flavor of the Classic that has made it one of my favorites that I'm ashamed to tell people that I like. This wasn t a bad cigar, it just didn t offer enough over the Classic to make it worth smoking.
Ron in Seattle, WA February 9, 2014
Monte By Montecristo Jacopo
"Awesome addition to the Montecristo family"
At first I didn't have high expectations for this Cigar, but was very satisfied once I had my first one. The cigar is consistent and holds it's flavor down to the nub. Awesome draw and construction and classic leathery, cedar flavor. I'll definitely buy more of them!
Mike in Livermore, CA November 15, 2013
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