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Montecristo Reviews

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Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"Yellow/Original Is Better Than The Classic!"
I purchased these about a month ago with the $40 AMEX promo. At $290 these are usually not worth the price. But if you can get them at a heavy discount like I did, then jump on them. They start off very crisp and creamy, gradually developing into a flavor profile of coffee, cedar, and light pepper while still retaining the cream. Smoke is thick and tasty. There are major differences in taste and aroma between these and the Classic series. These are a little stronger, and have more pepper in them. They also cost more. Catch them on sale!
Ryan in Tyler, TX January 13, 2015
Montecristo Yellow Robusto
"By the Second 1/2 it Pretty Much Exploded"
By the second 1/2 it pretty much exploded.
Mark in Wisconsin August 17, 2014
Montecristo Yellow #3 5 Packs
"not the real deal"
these cigars are awful! If you want to smoke a Montecristo then buy the real thing and get a Cuban. I have smoked several of these FAKE Montecristos and just as the description for this cigar says, these "defy comparison to the Havanas", that is because truth be told, these are not worthy to be smoked in the same room as a true Montecristo and it is a shame that the name Montecristo is blasphemed by these dominicano cigar imposters!
ande in maine April 1, 2014
Montecristo Yellow #3
"great cigar"
Good cigar nice aroma great draw worth a try glad I try them mike in ct 3/20/2014
mike in in ct March 20, 2014
Montecristo Yellow Memories (10)
Dry ,bad smoke.Get what you pay for
ks in ohio March 5, 2014
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"Not bad"
Draw was good but appearance was a bit flawed, it had a a few tears in the wrapper but only cosmetic because it didn t leak any. Burn was meh, it didn t require any touch-ups but did require a few extra puffs to keep the wrapper burning. Taste was fairly good 88/100, nice and smooth all the way through but a little boring.
Travis February 19, 2014
Montecristo New York Edition
"Beautiful Cigar but a Hard Draw"
First My Point of View: My Favorite Cigar is currently Placentia Reserva Organica which is mild-medium and with a light wrapper. So, the Montecristo New York is a heavier cigar but with the name I expected more sophistication, and the included printed materials indicated nutty, caramel, cinnamon and coffee flavors. At first, I felt that the overriding taste was very spicy to the tongue. However, I had just had Mexican fare and I found that this curiously complemented my meal. As the cigar burned to about a half-inch, sophisticated tastes of cinnamon, coffee, caramel and cream emerged although I never really tasted nuttiness. What really struck me though, was the beautiful construction of the cigar. Actually a pleasing squarish design. It was marred unfortunately as the cigar burned as the wrapper unraveled, became misshapen, and fell apart. The first ash was perfect but burn deteriorated after that. Aroma was as good as its appearance. The single worst feature however was the draw, which I had to fix with a draw poker - way too tight. Overall, I would rate this cigar as 3.75 Stars out of 5.
Ray B in Las Vegas December 30, 2013
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
I favor full flavored maduros, but this is one of the few "mild"cigars that I find completely satisfying. The flavor, burn, and construction are all exceptional. The only negative is the price, which is clearly overblown.
Mark in NJ August 22, 2013
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
Im not a big connecticut fan but this stick changed that. I loved it! very smooth and flavor filled cigar more like a mild habano to me. Im sold! cant wait to get some in my humidor GREAT JOB MONTECRISTO!!!
Lendsey in Texas August 20, 2013
Montecristo Yellow #3
"Great cigar!"
Very good cigar! Easy draw and consistency. Taste is spot on with fullness. Highly recommend
Anthony in California May 24, 2013
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