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Montecristo Reviews

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Montecristo Yellow Robusto
"An Easy Smoke"
Very mild cigar and easy to smoke. Burn and draw perfect. Taste is mild but not bad. If you looking for a very mild cigar this one might be for you.
Anthony in California May 17, 2013
Montecristo Yellow Memories (10)
"smooth and tasty"
These are a good quick smoke. I found them very smooth with a good taste. I also appreciate the freshness of the cigars. The tins hold a humi devise and the cigars are not all dried out like some of the small ones I've tried. These are just right.
Jack in North Carolina April 26, 2013
Montecristo Yellow #1
"Great Stick"
Another great cigar. Medium to mild, smooth consistent burn makes this another winner. I usually prefer a 48-50 ring size, so I was skeptical at first. The wrapper is the highlight, the long even even burning ash shows quality and the taste is montecristo at its finest .
HMan in Long Island, NY July 15, 2012
Montecristo Yellow Churchill
"Fantastic Long Burn"
Long even burn throughout the entire stick. Tasty puffs of creamy smoke lasted well over an hour. This should easily be a 90-92 rated cigar. It's gonna be the one you reach for in your humidor,when you got the time.
HMan in Long Island, NY July 15, 2012
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"Creamy Dreamy Fantastic Stoogie"
A pleasure from start to finish. It's the stick you will reach for when you lift the lid of your humidor. Even burn, smooth creamy smoke, great overall smoke.
Hman in Long Island,NY April 15, 2012
Montecristo Yellow Memories (10)
"great quick smoke"
another good little smoke just like the macanudo ascots.convenient for a short walk.i like this slightly better than the macanudos though is is almost a toss up
vin in brooklyn February 29, 2012
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"Very Dissapointed!!!"
Horrible! I bought this stick on my local tobacco shop and is terrible. No flavor at all and not to much smoke. Will never buy again.
Erik in Virginia October 12, 2011
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"Good. But, Not Great."
I liked this cigar. I've smoked the Cuban version (or so I was told). It didn't knock my socks off. For the same or less money I'd still go with the AVO Classic #2.
David M in Bay Area September 22, 2011
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"Will buy more"
1st one I smoked was a fail but the rest (of 5) were awesome. Rich, mild taste with an even burn and a good draw.
Dave in Mpls September 11, 2011
Montecristo Yellow Memories (10)
"Great Quick smoke"
The mini Monte has a big taste, very smooth
Rich144 in Missouri August 27, 2011
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