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Montecristo Reviews

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Montecristo Yellow #3
"Firm draw, medium smoke value, good taste"
The Montecristo No. 3 is a well-made corona with a firm draw, medium smoke volume. The wrapper is light brown and smooth.
Terry Gardner in Marietta, GA June 26, 2011
Montecristo Yellow Robusto
The draw was too easy just like air, in the first half flavor was mild, somewhat creamy. The last half turned harsh and bitter at the end. Overrated and over-priced.
James Cooper in Florida June 10, 2011
Montecristo Yellow Double Corona
"The Alpha-Uber cigar!"
First let me say that since I bought a five pack of these, they have become my Saturday morning cigar. I have recently resumed cigar smoking and the first box I bought was the Monti #3s. After finding them excellent, I branched out to these Double Coronas and I LOVE these even more! Not that the smoke or taste or anything else is better it is simply MORE OF A GOOD THING!!! It takes me two hours to get through one of these and I love every minute. I have yet to find anything in my search that supersedes Montis in any configuration. Got a box on the way!
Scott in Indiana May 6, 2011
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"The best sample i've ever tried"
Very good sample. Perfect smoke, soft and rich taste. If not the high price, I would have bought these cigars all the time!
Eugene M in Belarus February 6, 2011
Montecristo Yellow #3
"Welcome to cigar heaven"
The No. 3 is by far my favorite cigar. Not too long, not too short, amazing flavor and always an even burn. I'd smoke them more often if I could afford too, which is why I only buy 5 packs.
Treston in USA October 15, 2010
Montecristo Yellow #3
"One of the best!"
This cigar is a classic and a must smoke! It burns and pulls very good and the taste is wonderful I would say a cross between vanilla and a woody flavor. I always keep these in my humidor.
Treston in USA October 15, 2010
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"Simple the Best"
Best cigar I have smoked.
Stan in Clearwater, FL September 19, 2010
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"You have to smoke one!!!"
It is the best cigar that a mild cigar smoker can have in his humidor.
Fernando in Virgina July 16, 2010
Montecristo Yellow #1
"My go-to cigar in times of celebration"
Whenever someone asks me for a cigar recommendation, this is the one I give them. It's what you hope smoking a cigar will taste like when you first start. Can't speak highly enough about this one.
David in Black Hills July 7, 2010
Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo
"save your $$$ ,buy a pack of swisher sweets"
not sure what other reviewers are smoking (pun intended) these were terrible. tasted hot from the first puff. like smoking rolled up hay. horrifically overpriced
bob in albany ny June 23, 2010
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