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"Surprisingly good"
I wasn't expecting much from this cigar as my expectation of the non-Cuban Montecristo was low, but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I must qualify my rating with the fact that I let mine dry out and they I over moistened it, so I expected it would be a total loss. However, I was very surprised to discover that despite the rough voyage it went through to get to smoking day, it was actually very flavorful. It was tough to light which at first I thought might be due to the turmoil that my stick went through, but reading others reviews it seems my experience was consistent with others. The flavor was very, very good ? much better than expected, and I m someone that has a strong bias to Davidoff Millennium Blend Rubusto %26 AF Hemingway Signature, so I expected to to be very disappointed. Sadly an interruption caused me to cut my smoke short, but I ve added this one to my wish list as I d like another shot on a properly cared for version that I can enjoy until the sweet end. I enjoyed the aroma and found the flavor to be slightly sweet and chocolatey - exactly like I like it. Strength-wise I d call it very mild, and the burn was very loose and ragged. The draw was excellent, as was the taste and consistency. The construction was Average to Above Average.
Ron in Seattle, WA January 1, 2014
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