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Montecristo Operation Hope '09 Reviews [view details]

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"Would Not Recommend"
I would have paid double for this package for it to have a semi-nice and working cutter and lighter. The cutter is a thin cheap tin that isn't sharp. It'll probably eat up the cigar end before it cuts it. The lighter is sticky and gets dirty easily. But, the number one complaint with it is that it doesn't light. Literally, out of 50 tries it MIGHT light once. Both the cutter and the lighter are going in the trash. Hopefully the cigars are good. Overall, save your money.
Albert R. in August 25, 2014
"Horrible accessories."
Haven't made it to the Montecristos yet, but the accessories are crap. The lighter came covered in a sticky residue, and the gas tank cracked the first time I filled it.
Bryan in Tampa, FL January 20, 2013
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