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Montecristo Platinum Reviews

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Montecristo Platinum Toro
Perfect from the beginning to the end, burn, draw, taste. I give this cigar a perfect 100!
Manuel in El Paso, TX September 25, 2014
Montecristo Platinum #3
"Just right!"
I need to get some more of these!
Andrew October 6, 2013
Montecristo Platinum Habana #2 5 Pack
"Simply the Best"
Tried lots of cigars but Montecristo is top of the line. This Platinum Belicoso is no exception in spite of other reviews here. Been to the factory where these are made and there's many different brands being rolled in the same place but none receive the favorable treatment of a Montecristo. Just too expensive to call my everyday cigar but is always my choice for special occasions.
Rod in Alabama September 21, 2013
Montecristo Platinum Rothchild
"Best Cigar for the Money!"
Great cigar for the price. This has become my favorite cigar. Great burn and great draw.
Mike in MD August 2, 2013
Montecristo Platinum Habana #2
"Sadly Dissapointed"
I purchased five of these and stored them in my Humidor for at least 2 months. The first cigar fell apart halfway thru the smoke...waited a few more months and smoked the 2nd and the outer leaf of the cigar fell apart before I was 1/3 of my way thru the smoke. I expected a lot better for a 1999 Vintage Cigar.
Mike in KC April 29, 2013
Montecristo Platinum #3
"Great Smoke. Could have a bit more aging"
Outstanding smoke for the price. Shared with other smokers who thought they were great.
tjmcdowell in colorado February 26, 2013
Montecristo Platinum Robusto
"Always on Hand!"
At this price point I don't see how you can find a better cigar. Smooth, great draw smoke em' down to the nub. Not a stick that will blow you away, but well worth keeping some in your box.
Chuck B in Maryland August 25, 2012
Montecristo Platinum Robusto
"Superb All The Way Around"
I have a more detailed review of Platinums posted for the Rothchild. The Robusto matches the Rothchild in every respect. The only real difference I see is the Roth comes in a tube. I highly recommend Platinums to anyone looking for an every day medium bodied stick.
Don in Dallas January 9, 2012
Montecristo Platinum Rothchild
"Best Montecristo for the Price"
I had been looking for a good medium bodied altnerative to my Padrons (I disagree with the reviewer that said these were full bodied - Olivas are full bodied). The Montecristo Platinum Rothchild (or any Platinum) is my answer!! For me, this is the perfect stick with morning coffee. Very consistent, no bitterness, even down to the last inch, superb draw, taste and flavor have subtle nuances, and remains smooth and mellow to the nub. These sticks occupy a place on honor in my humidor, next to my Anniversary Padrons!
Don in Dallas January 9, 2012
Montecristo Platinum Habana #2
"Decent smoke but not on my wish list"
I have smoked two of these cigars in the past few months and have mixed feelings. The appearance is nice, draw is smooth and taste through most of the smoke is quite nice, but the burn is somewhat disappointing and the cigar loses much of its lustre after about 2/3 through.
Parker December 20, 2011
Rocky Patel Xtreme
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