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Montecristo Platinum #3 Reviews [view details]

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"Just right!"
I need to get some more of these!
Andrew in October 6, 2013
"Great Smoke. Could have a bit more aging"
Outstanding smoke for the price. Shared with other smokers who thought they were great.
tjmcdowell in colorado February 26, 2013
"Nice smoke, weird looking ash"
First time smoking the Montecristo Platinum #3 Single Cigar. I being a newbie tend to stick with the more mild cigars but was interested in stepping up to the medium bodied cigars. It was a rich smoke with a light leathery flavor. The more I puffed, the better the white clouds of smoke got. Although it seemed to burn unevenly and had and inconsistent looking ash, overall I did enjoy this smoke and I would recommend trying this cigar.
Mike B in CT June 17, 2010
"Too young, not the normal Monte taste"
Fellas, if you're in the market for a full-bodied cigar like a Rocky Patel, Carlos Torano, Trinidad, or likewise...oddly enough you should take a look at this Montecristo. I purchased this stick as a single and I loved the look and construction of this piece, and though it was impeccable in those categories, the burn and taste were downright shocking to me. If you've ever smoked montecristo cigars before, you know exactly the taste you are looking for when you buy one. That unique, creamy, honey-nutty flavor is second to none. This vitola had none of that. It tasted like a young, green, Trinidad toro and absolutely nothing like a Monte should. Upon lighting there was so much spice I knew I had picked the wrong cigar and from there, the flavors were reminiscent of the Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 line, but with less refinement. Once it cooled off, the beginning and middle of the cigar were dominated by a strong leather and earth with no sweetness that maintained course throughout. I had to put this cigar down without even reaching the final third as this was far from what I was expecting when I lit up. Aside from a one-dimensional, odd, and boring flavor the burn was erratic and looked like a mountain peak. One reviewer said this one needed time, and now that I think about it, hell it probably does. A humidor can smooth out this flavor profile but I sure don't see it becoming a cigar worthy of the Montecristo name. -Ken
Ken in Southern California June 10, 2010
Being fairly new to cigars, I tried this Corona based on the reviews. The week before, I tried the Monte White Corona(tube), and the Platinum was better! Very smooth with a great draw and great taste. I puffed on it while I grilled T-bones, and might have overcooked my steak while enjoying this one! You can't beat it for the price.
Jared in IL March 25, 2010
"Slightly strong more than a medium smoke."
I found this a bit on the strong side and only fair on the taste. If you prefer more of a medium smoke I would not recommend it.
Jim in Mississippi March 17, 2010
"Wonderfully full flavored"
I was looking for a good smoke that wouldn't cost $8-12 a stick and I believe I have just found it. These are wonderfully full flavored, spicy with a hint of leather. Amazing flavor for such a small cigar. I'll be getting a box!
Daniel in Orange County September 23, 2009
"the top shelf"
this is one of my all time favorites. great smoke for on the way to work or after lunch. small enough for fast enjoyment. big on everything else. this ages very, very well. so by the box the best deal around for a premium.
lee in new jersey June 28, 2008
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