Montecristo Slimline Samurai: Double Blade Chrome

Cigar Cutter
Double Blade Chrome

$39.99Retail Price: $ 50.00
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Double Blade Chrome
Ingeniously designed and elegantly styled, the Slimline Samurai cutter is a must-have accessory for discerning smokers. This distinctive cutter fits comfortably in the hand, and features precision Japanese surgical steel blades that will accommodate up to 60 ring gauge cigars.
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"Bad Cutter! "
so bad that i want my money back!
"Don't pay for this "
I got this as a bonus with my purchase, I used it once and it almost ruined the ... more
"Its more for looks. "
Got this with the monti cristo hope pack, which you might as well get that since... more
D Carson in Los Angeles, CA
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