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Montecristo White Reviews

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Montecristo White Toro
"Pleasant Smoke"
Nice V cut and purge and drew effortlessly after lighting with an even burn. Nice silver ash with black fleck; however the ash started to expand with small slits appearing in the wrapper after only 20% into the cigar. The ash was not tight and expanded like a flower before finally dropping off before it reached 25% into the cigar. Nice silver smoke and a good plume, but not happy with the wrapper! The draw was excellent and the flavour was pleasant and will definitely improve after 90 days plus in the humidor.
Panther in Melbourne Australia April 24, 2014
Montecristo White #2
"Save your money, get somthing else."
I bought these for a special occasion and was very disappointed with the taste. I had $2 cigars that where better.
mike quinn March 15, 2014
Montecristo White Toro
I bought the 5 pack Montecristo toro sampler just to try them out and I didn t expect much. The Montecristo Montecristo brown band white fleur de lis was the best I had up till this point including the Monte , but I saved the White and Platinum for last. After over two months in the humidor I finally fired up my White tonight and was blown away. From the first light it was awesome and stayed that way until the end. Like all Montecristo it has a perfect draw, smoke and ash - textbook in fact. However, this one has a great slightly sweet chocolatey flavor that is super smooth. The toro was a long smoke too - I dragged it out to nearly 1:45 mainly because I was savoring it and smoking it slow so it wouldn t overheat. I enjoyed the flavor so much I went extra slow. I had a Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic after because I m a Hemingway fan, but I was so disappointed with the Hemingway after smoking this that I m going to look for a way to trade my Hemingway s for the Montecristo White! This beats the Monte, Epic, Classic aka Yellow Box nasty , and even the Montecristo Original. This is a full flavor cigar but a mild cigar from a nicotine kick standpoint too.
Booyeah in Seattle February 18, 2014
Montecristo White Rothschilde 5 Pack
"Flavorful Mild"
I actually enjoyed this cigar a great deal. Although there was no major nicotine kick, there was a very rich flavor, from start to finish. Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and Dominican filler and Nicaraguan binder. Perfect construction. Smooth, matte wrapper. Creamy texture and earthy aroma slight chocolate and vanilla. Firm gray ash. Spicier near the end, but not at all harsh. Just a very refined and flavorful cigar.
Overworked in Southern California January 26, 2014
Montecristo White Toro
"my new number 1"
Love this cigar. It's my new number one cigar now. The price is just outrageous for a box. I'm rating this 100 all the way
short in California January 16, 2014
Montecristo White #2
Great cigar! Wonderful smooth taste!
GT in Nj August 31, 2013
Montecristo White Court (tube)
Goodness, these were my first cigars of any real value, and they continue to be my favorite brand, style, and taste. Well done, Montecristo
Josef in Redding, California April 23, 2013
Montecristo White #2
"Superlative Mild+-Medium Cigar"
So far I've had ten of the Montecristo White Toros and one of the Montecristo White #2s, and thus far they are superlative in my opinion. If they were a little less expensive they would be my go to cigar when I want something on the mild-medium side. I prefer cigars that are very rich in flavor and on the stronger side (medium-full), but I love cigars that are sweet and mild-medium. Everything about this cigar is great by my standards, but like I said I prefer medium-full cigars that are very rich. That aside the burn is great, the consistency is superb, the draw is very good, the appearance is spectacular, and the construction is great. Taste wise it's bland for me, but it has some sweetness, earthiness, hints of coffee, and at the beginning a hint of spice. I would say that that the Montecristo White is becoming one of my favorite cigars especially in the mild-medium class!
E Motley April 28, 2012
Montecristo White Rothchilde
Upon removing the label I found the blue mold spots carefully hidden. It's certainly not fatal but it surprised me for such an iconic brand. The burn was very uneven and while it was indeed a savory smoke, the construction was sub-par. In all, a surprising amount of defects for a premium stick.
KK in Greenwich, CT March 10, 2012
Montecristo White #2
"This is a great cigar"
This exact cigar, the #2 belicoso and no other size or shape Monte White, is one of my favorite cigars. Absolutley one of the best!
Mongrel in Poconos January 29, 2012
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