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Montecristo White Reviews

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Montecristo White Rothchilde
"If I had to choose one cigar, this would be it"
Best consistently constructed cigar. Leathery taste and creamy smoke. Forget about all those $30 high-fallutin' brands - you can't get any better than this
Rockie in Bloomington, Ill March 24, 2010
Montecristo White Rothchilde
"Top smoke"
One of my faves. Smooth with a little more strength than regular Montecristos. Consistent, with only the occasional burn issue.
AFH in Dallas February 4, 2010
Montecristo White #2
"Best Natural Stick I have smoked"
This is the absolute best cigar Of this kind and line. The price is a bit but the cigar is the finest you will ever smoke. Go out buy yourself one or two maybe three. You will see why.. Excellent construction texture and long filler leaf. Very consistent with a nice white ash and even burn. The flavor is a earthy with a hint of nutty taste with a cream finish. This cigars flavor is consistent all the way to the nub. I take my time and smoke them very slowly.. The longer they age the better. You will not be let down. It is better to buy them by the law.
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma January 28, 2010
Montecristo White Court (tube)
"Excellente Cigarro Dominicano"
Este Cigarro es excellente. Lo recomiendo a quien busque un sabor suave y cremoso. Su construccion es buena, pero genera poco humo. Aun asi es muy bueno. Un saludo desde Puerto Rico!
El Aficionado in Puerto Rico December 20, 2009
Montecristo White Sabres (5)
"Toasty flavor, excellent."
Excellent burn and draw. Very good tobaccos, with a rich toasty taste. One of the very best in this size and price range.
Henry in Texas August 31, 2009
Montecristo White Rothchilde
"Very Nice"
There is no con to this cigar outside of the price. A excellent cigar - easy draw, terrific aroma and taste. If I was rich ...... The hard part now is being satisfied with the cigars I can afford on a regular basis.
cjb in vermont July 12, 2009
Montecristo White Court (tube)
Enjoying this on the front porch of my high desert home in the morning with coffee. This cigar is elegant, smooth, and has amazing aromas. Perfect for a perfect morning of clear skies and 65 degrees!
Glenn in California May 14, 2009
Montecristo White Toro
This cigar is bar none one of the best cigars out there, lately a lot of cigars out there were good but not anymore, but this cigars quality continues to be a perfect 10 just try them once and you will be glad you read this review.
Steve in New York April 25, 2009
Montecristo White Churchill
"Great taste right up to the end super smooth"
Great tasting burns so evenly
Montecristo White #2
"Just right"
This is a top notch cigar! The wrapper is so smooth and the taste is as well. Worth the price as this is the top of the Montecristo line. I have never had a bad cigar from Montecristo and this is one of the best ENJOY!!
Alan in Columbus, Ohio January 10, 2009
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