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Montecristo White Court (tube) Reviews [view details]

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Goodness, these were my first cigars of any real value, and they continue to be my favorite brand, style, and taste. Well done, Montecristo
Josef in Redding, California April 23, 2013
"Best Smoke Ever"
I picked one of these up on vacation about two months ago and I'm not over it yet. I've paid more but not had a better tasting smoke. The wife saved the tube to buy some for me for Christmas but the local shop had run out, bummer. I've informed her about Famous Smoke. Happy Birthday to me!!
TG in Western NC January 7, 2012
"Excellent cigar"
This is an amazing cigar, I smoke Cuban but this is as good or even better than the Cuban. Excellent price
George s in Montreal canada September 18, 2011
"Quality cigar, smooth taste and aroma"
Good cigar for after dinner or on the golf course. Smooth tates and good burn.
Rocky Gio in Pawleys Island, South Carolina August 9, 2011
"Best go to Cigar"
Great Cigar for the price, enjoy this with a Macallan 18yr scotch and life is very good!! Going to order a box
Dug in San Diego, Ca November 30, 2010
"Outstanding cigar!!"
My wife bought me a few the cigars on the cruise. Truly an outstanding smoke in all respects. The taste is outstanding. Must get more of these.
Bill in Driftwood, Texas July 31, 2010
"Excellente Cigarro Dominicano"
Este Cigarro es excellente. Lo recomiendo a quien busque un sabor suave y cremoso. Su construccion es buena, pero genera poco humo. Aun asi es muy bueno. Un saludo desde Puerto Rico!
El Aficionado in Puerto Rico December 20, 2009
Enjoying this on the front porch of my high desert home in the morning with coffee. This cigar is elegant, smooth, and has amazing aromas. Perfect for a perfect morning of clear skies and 65 degrees!
Glenn in California May 14, 2009
"Perfect 10"
My favorite Montecristo (DR). Creamy, smooth and perfect.
Pratik in Las Vegas January 8, 2009
Best Cigar ever smoked, Its so smooth and relaxing. I would recommend to and new or veteran smoker
Tony in Syracuse, NY November 25, 2008
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10 Construction (96) 100
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