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Montecristo White Especial No. 3 Reviews [view details]

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"A classic, well worth your time."
Very well made and like most I've bought here fresh and in great shape. Perfect draw right from the cut to the end. Opens a little light but develops nicely. Even burn from start to finish. Light gray ash holds on well. Medium smoke, on the creamy side but not too sweet just hints of carameltowards the finish. Great in the morning or mid day when you still need to function. Slow burner despite the size so plan on spending some time. Warm and supple down to the nub. Keep some in your box.
Gary in Reston, VA January 5, 2012
"Nice but too expensive for what you get"
I received 5 Montecristo Especial #3s the other day and just tried them. I was surprised at how mild they were. I usualy smoke Macs and these were as mild. A very pleasant cigar but no better than many others which cost much less.
Nick in Oklahoma City March 31, 2007
"Really light"
I liked this cigar becuase it was so light. You can smoke this in the middle of the day and not worry about tasting it the rest of the evening.
Ed in Right outside of Chicago December 7, 2004
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10 Draw (87) 100
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10 Appearance (89) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
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10 Construction (87) 100
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