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"Save your money, get somthing else."
I bought these for a special occasion and was very disappointed with the taste. I had $2 cigars that where better.
mike quinn in March 15, 2014
Great cigar! Wonderful smooth taste!
GT in Nj August 31, 2013
"Superlative Mild+-Medium Cigar"
So far I've had ten of the Montecristo White Toros and one of the Montecristo White #2s, and thus far they are superlative in my opinion. If they were a little less expensive they would be my go to cigar when I want something on the mild-medium side. I prefer cigars that are very rich in flavor and on the stronger side (medium-full), but I love cigars that are sweet and mild-medium. Everything about this cigar is great by my standards, but like I said I prefer medium-full cigars that are very rich. That aside the burn is great, the consistency is superb, the draw is very good, the appearance is spectacular, and the construction is great. Taste wise it's bland for me, but it has some sweetness, earthiness, hints of coffee, and at the beginning a hint of spice. I would say that that the Montecristo White is becoming one of my favorite cigars especially in the mild-medium class!
E Motley in April 28, 2012
"This is a great cigar"
This exact cigar, the #2 belicoso and no other size or shape Monte White, is one of my favorite cigars. Absolutley one of the best!
Mongrel in Poconos January 29, 2012
"Best Natural Stick I have smoked"
This is the absolute best cigar Of this kind and line. The price is a bit but the cigar is the finest you will ever smoke. Go out buy yourself one or two maybe three. You will see why.. Excellent construction texture and long filler leaf. Very consistent with a nice white ash and even burn. The flavor is a earthy with a hint of nutty taste with a cream finish. This cigars flavor is consistent all the way to the nub. I take my time and smoke them very slowly.. The longer they age the better. You will not be let down. It is better to buy them by the law.
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma January 28, 2010
"Just right"
This is a top notch cigar! The wrapper is so smooth and the taste is as well. Worth the price as this is the top of the Montecristo line. I have never had a bad cigar from Montecristo and this is one of the best ENJOY!!
Alan in Columbus, Ohio January 10, 2009
"Best Cigar Non-Cuban I've Ever Smoked"
This was the perfect cigar for a great occasion...absolutely perfect. Taste was creamy, smoke was thick but smooth. It was simply the best. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive; but that is why it should be saved for special occasions.
Christopher in Ann Arbor, Michigan December 11, 2008
"Monte Goodness"
You are paying for a name, in return you are given a quality cigar. This is a medium to full body cigar with mild strength. Lots of light coffee, buttery, and smooth, perfect way to start out the morning with your favorite cup of joe.
Michael in Snd Diego September 13, 2008
"White is Right"
Well..I didn't think anything could beat the AF Hemingway series. So far I have had 20 plus MC White Torpedos and all of them have been GREAT!! Everything about this cigar is perfect and it will have a permanent place in my humidor. I don't see any way possible for anyone not to love this one. If this cigar can move ahead of the AF Hemingway's for me..then it's got to be the best. This cigar is definitely one of life's greatest pleasures. Once you go white then you'll know you're right!
Stacy Grant in GA November 30, 2006
"An enjoyable treat"
I loved this smoke! The draw and burn was perfect. The taste was up to Montecristo standards by far. Too bad they are so expensive but at least you truely get what you pay for here. The taste was very leathery and nutty. NICE
Bill in Connecticut December 17, 2005
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10 Construction (93) 100
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