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Montecristo White Rothchilde Reviews [view details]

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Upon removing the label I found the blue mold spots carefully hidden. It's certainly not fatal but it surprised me for such an iconic brand. The burn was very uneven and while it was indeed a savory smoke, the construction was sub-par. In all, a surprising amount of defects for a premium stick.
KK in Greenwich, CT March 10, 2012
"My go-to cigar"
Ever since being introduced to the Montecristo White line, I've been proudly boasting my affinity for these succulent smokes. Flavors of rich, roasted coffee with a smooth draw. It's an easy, medium-bodied smoke, great for new and experienced smokers alike.
Ryan in Maryland January 12, 2011
"If I had to choose one cigar, this would be it"
Best consistently constructed cigar. Leathery taste and creamy smoke. Forget about all those $30 high-fallutin' brands - you can't get any better than this
Rockie in Bloomington, Ill March 24, 2010
"Top smoke"
One of my faves. Smooth with a little more strength than regular Montecristos. Consistent, with only the occasional burn issue.
AFH in Dallas February 4, 2010
"Very Nice"
There is no con to this cigar outside of the price. A excellent cigar - easy draw, terrific aroma and taste. If I was rich ...... The hard part now is being satisfied with the cigars I can afford on a regular basis.
cjb in vermont July 12, 2009
"A great all-around smoke!"
I can always...ALWAYS rely on the Montecristo White Rothchilde to deliver. Great complex taste, always an even burn, great draw, and usually leaves me with a nice head rush. For a 9-10 dollar stick, they live up to the Montecristo name, and in my opinion, are worth every penny. These cigars will not disappoint...
Bob Y. in Yonkers, NY October 11, 2008
"A lot of Hype..."
I can't believe I have sunk money into these smokes. I have smoked 10 of these things and that was 10 too many.
Mark in Gloucester, NJ April 4, 2008
I love Montecristo because I love the flavor and balance they possess. I was dissapointed with the White series mostly due to lack of taste and the overly mild nature. It was a beautiful lookig cigar, construction was top-notch but I'd rather have the traditional series 10x over.
Graham in Bay Area, CA August 27, 2007
"Well Built"
Great construction. Taste is very creamy. This is one to impress your friends with. Very enjoyable and can have at any time of day. Too expensive for everyday smoke.
Andrew in Buffalo, NY December 29, 2006
"Lacks taste."
I picked this stick up in a 10 cigar sampler pack of 5x50 or 52 Robusto's. I was really looking forward to smoking this one as I knew it was one of the most expensive cigars in the sampler. Who says the more they cost the better the stick. It looked great. A beautiful cigar and I was really hoping to like this one, but the fact is although the burn was perfect as was the ash. This cigar had no taste other than tobacco. The trinidad, R&J Reserva Real and even the H. Upman 1844 robusto's were more pleasing smokes.
John P in Rochester, NY October 14, 2005
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