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Montecristo Yellow Habanitos (8) Reviews [view details]

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"Not what I expected."
I recently bought a big bundle of many different brands and about 5 different tins of cigars. (Cohiba, A Fuente, CAO, Ashton, and Monty,) To me the montecristo's were the worst. Out of the 3 I smoked they were very hard to draw, looked rugged, and tasted fowl.
Calebd in USA January 25, 2008
"Perfect cigarlito, slightly to spicey"
To spicey, strong and good burn.
Tom O in Greenwich CT November 18, 2003
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10 Burn (85) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (80) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (81) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (78) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (86) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (79) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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