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Dry ,bad smoke.Get what you pay for
ks in ohio March 5, 2014
"smooth and tasty"
These are a good quick smoke. I found them very smooth with a good taste. I also appreciate the freshness of the cigars. The tins hold a humi devise and the cigars are not all dried out like some of the small ones I've tried. These are just right.
Jack in North Carolina April 26, 2013
"great quick smoke"
another good little smoke just like the macanudo ascots.convenient for a short walk.i like this slightly better than the macanudos though is is almost a toss up
vin in brooklyn February 29, 2012
"Great Quick smoke"
The mini Monte has a big taste, very smooth
Rich144 in Missouri August 27, 2011
"Not up to Montecrsito standards"
This is a disappointing small cigar, particularly poor effort for Montecristo, one of my favorite manufacturers. Very rough construction, harsh burn and taste, inconsistent. Go with the Zino Platinum XS or the small Macanudo instead.
Bimmerman in MI August 13, 2007
"Nice quick smoke"
I prefer the A. Fuente tins, but this is still a quality smoke.
Jim Johnson in Pennsylvania May 7, 2005
"Good quick smoke - great for coffee breaks!"
I keep a box of these around for the stressful days when I want to run outside and get a quick smoke. Much better than others this size. Doesn't taste like the usual asst. of floor sweepings that go into cigarillos.
John in San Francisco April 17, 2004
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