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"Great Stick"
Another great cigar. Medium to mild, smooth consistent burn makes this another winner. I usually prefer a 48-50 ring size, so I was skeptical at first. The wrapper is the highlight, the long even even burning ash shows quality and the taste is montecristo at its finest .
HMan in Long Island, NY July 15, 2012
"My go-to cigar in times of celebration"
Whenever someone asks me for a cigar recommendation, this is the one I give them. It's what you hope smoking a cigar will taste like when you first start. Can't speak highly enough about this one.
David in Black Hills July 7, 2010
"Still the Best Cigar!!!"
Great taste, perfect draw, burn and spectacular construction. Great cigars over all...I LOVE 'em!!
Guillermo in Miami July 14, 2007
"Dry smoke, impacted center"
Hard to start, the Montecristo stayed intact to the middle then burst mid-smoke. Had a lack of flavor, consider this one dry.
Ross in Midwest U.S. March 25, 2006
"Not For Me"
You know when it comes right down to it a great cigar is what you like.Monte's in my opinion have lost something over the years.There are a lot better cigars out there today for less money too.They are constructed well but the taste is lacking.I would take a Perdoma over a Monte anyday.but like I said it depends on what YOU like.
Wayne Hadley in Archbald,Pa August 9, 2005
So mild that it was virtually tasteless for the first half. It also had a tough draw and burned inconsistently.
swv in northern california July 11, 2004
"This is what I got into cigars for!"
Had a couple of the samplers famous offered, and settled on the #1. All their flavors were similar but the 1 seemed to maintain the best for me. Bought two boxes, and let them wait a month in my Humidor before smoking the first. I've since found the longer they age the better they get. Solid construction, consistent & smooth flavor, and what my wife calls a "House Friendly" scent.
Mac McCreary in Woolwich, ME April 30, 2004
"Very good medium size cigar"
Flavorful and consistantly well made. Make sure they are from the Garcia factory whichis better than their other sites. It is stamped on the bottom of the box. Ask when you order.
Michael in Massachusetts April 10, 2000
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10 Burn (87) 100
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10 Taste (89) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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