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Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"save your $$$ ,buy a pack of swisher sweets"
not sure what other reviewers are smoking (pun intended) these were terrible. tasted hot from the first puff. like smoking rolled up hay. horrifically overpriced
bob in albany ny June 23, 2010
"Decent cigar"
I agree with many other views.....I can get Cuban's for $227 this week for 25 in a can you compare your price of $220 vs that?
James L in Illinois June 2, 2010
"Great flavor! Best cigar!"
Great flavor and best cigar! I have smoked others and they are awful if you even accidentally inhale! Not these, they are great!
Tammy in Florida January 7, 2009
"Certainly good but overpriced"
I smoked a Monte #2 last night that I'd been saving for a special occasion. To my taste, it was nearly identical to the RyJ Habana Reserve torpedoes. The RyJs happen to be my favorite cigar as of right now, so the Monte was a good smoke, but I expected more given how much these go for. I suspect that if I had had the Monte first the RyJ just wouldn't live up to it, so thank God I'm cheap.
JW in St. Louis September 3, 2008
"good cigar"
good cigar but way to pricy for one cigar can you please lower the price on the, montecristo 2 for good cigar smokers
jimmy in ny. June 4, 2008
"Stopped smoking after one-half inch"
I paid $12 for a stick at a store because I had heard and read so much about the famous Montecristo #2, how smooth and mellow it was, how tasty it was. Wow, was I disappointed! No smoothness, no creaminess. Instead, bad (read: difficult, tight) draw, strong peppery aftertaste, spongy construction. After one-half inch I was fed up, put the stick down, and bought myself a Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve to get the bad taste of the Montecristo #2 off my palate. Rocky does not disappoint. The nastiness of the Montecristo #2 was soon just melting away as I was really enjoying the flavors of the RP Olde World Reserve.
Rob in Maryland March 14, 2008
not what i wanted and not a good cigar
jimmy in ny February 15, 2008
"Flawless and a legend"
I had to try one of these after hearing so many good things about them. I was not let down. It was exquisite to say the least. Its everything you can want in a cigar, and even some you didnt know existed. Excellent craftsmanship, the build on it was perfect. It smoked smooth, consistent and held a beautiful ash. Teaming with flavors that changed throughout the entire cigar. This is a must smoke regardless of whether you are a beginner or a lifelong cigar lover. You will never regret picking this cigar from the humidor to smoke. Ever!
Jason S in Cincinnati OH September 14, 2007
"Consistant quality each time!"
Very smooth! Great taste with consistant draw and flavor with every one! This one is one of my favorites!
George Callow in CA June 25, 2007
"smooth...creamy...excellent taste and burn!"
My first Monte was purchased in a mild sampler pack. It was not the first one in the pack that I smoked because I wanted to wait till I had tried some of the others first. Well...after herfing that Monte I decided to some day buy some more and could not wait to smoke another...that day came after winning an auction for a 5 pack of Torpedo' I will always have a Monte on hand in my humi....need I say more. I know many herfers think they are pricey....but sometimes the cost is just plain worth it!
Digital Dave in Easton, Pa. October 23, 2006
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10 Construction (92) 100
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