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Montecristo Yellow #2 Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"fool me once"
I build custom furniture and I was in my shop smoking my regular Torano Silver when a customer offered me a Montecristo #2. That night I smoked that cigar until I could no longer hold it. There were so many different flavors and the aftertaste was lingering and superb. The next day I went out and bought four Montecristos {not cheap}. I went back to my shop and lit one up. To say that I was underwhelmed would be an "under" statement. Where did all that flavor go? The next time I saw my customer, I told him of my experience and he gave me another cigar. He also told me that it was Cuban. Until that time, I assumed that Cuban quality was probably mosty hype. It's not. That second cigar he gave me is aging in my humidor waiting for a special occation. Damn that embargo.
Emanuel Lekas in California August 20, 2006
"Monte #2"
I judge all cigars against Havana monte #2's.......That's the starting point. These do not compare, for about the same price.
Billy in Connecticut January 29, 2006
"Extremely even burn, Very Mild, Perfect white ash"
The cigar was very well built, a bit unusually narrow tip however. It burned with the best of em. The cigar produced the whitest ash I have seen yet, and was very mild. I would have liked to tasted more flavors. Construction 8, Burn 10 Flavor 6. Overall 7.5
Bill M. in Madison, WI April 16, 2003
"Good Quality"
The Dominican Montecristos are as good or better than the Cuban versions, in my opinion. I believe the #2 Torpedo is the best of the lot.
Larry L. in Baton Rouge January 7, 2003
"Legend lives up to its rep"
I've heard the legend. It's seldom something lives up to its hype. This one does. I found the draw great, nice ash, flavor and aroma mild like I like it. Smooth, with no bite in the whole stick. In this case you get what you pay for.
Dan Elam in Searcy, AR February 8, 2002
"Not worth the entry price"
Overpriced but well made medium body cigar. Not as good as a (cheaper) Number 1 and not nearly as good as the Double Corona.
Michael in Massachusetts April 10, 2000
"Looks can be deceiving"
A shame to the name. Looks like a good cigar but 1) with this name it should be stonger 2) it should at least have taste recieved on the first tee and by the second tee had changed to a Fuente Sun Shade
Matt in Tokyo, Japan January 5, 2000
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10 Construction (92) 100
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