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"great cigar"
Good cigar nice aroma great draw worth a try glad I try them mike in ct 3/20/2014
mike in in ct March 20, 2014
"Great cigar!"
Very good cigar! Easy draw and consistency. Taste is spot on with fullness. Highly recommend
Anthony in California May 24, 2013
"Firm draw, medium smoke value, good taste"
The Montecristo No. 3 is a well-made corona with a firm draw, medium smoke volume. The wrapper is light brown and smooth.
Terry Gardner in Marietta, GA June 26, 2011
"Welcome to cigar heaven"
The No. 3 is by far my favorite cigar. Not too long, not too short, amazing flavor and always an even burn. I'd smoke them more often if I could afford too, which is why I only buy 5 packs.
Treston in USA October 15, 2010
"One of the best!"
This cigar is a classic and a must smoke! It burns and pulls very good and the taste is wonderful I would say a cross between vanilla and a woody flavor. I always keep these in my humidor.
Treston in USA October 15, 2010
"Excellent cigar!"
To start off with I like mild cigars. At first I was a bit apprehensive about spending $5 for a cigar with a big name. Big names do not always live up to their hype. I tried other brands, but could never find "my" cigar. On top of all this you need to make time for a big cigar, which I do not always take. My "small" cigar is Fuente's Cubanitos (consistent, good mild taste). The Montecristo #3 exceeded my expectations. It is very mild (milder than the Cubanitos), has a good draw, beautiful even grey ash and when properly carefully smoked, keeps its mild taste for the 3 quarters of its length, after which I dump it. (I think any cigar should not be smoked for more than 3 quarters of its length). My 2 regular choices: Montecristo #3 and Fuente Cubanitos. But at the end of the day it's always a matter of taste, like it is with wine.
Guus S in Helena, MT April 5, 2010
"The best................"
Had no comparation. Unique.
in January 18, 2010
So far the best cigar I have ever tasted. As mentioned before, a cigar is like wine: can be discussed, but not argued. It is a matter of taste after all has been said and done. This cigar is very mild, consistent to the end, easy draw, etc. It is not really cheap, but then offers very good value for money spent. If you do not mind $5 for a stick, then go for it!
G. Schippers in Helena, MT August 23, 2009
"Total Disappointment"
One of the harshest...most unflavorable cigars I have ever smoked - if they were free I would pass.
Mathew in Raleigh NC February 22, 2008
Extremely disapointed, horrible taste, smoke hurts your eyes, Monty should be ashamed to put its name on this dog rocket.....
John Finnegan in MA June 20, 2007
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