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Montesino Reviews

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Montesino Napoleon Grande
"Can't believe I bought the whole bundle."
Just finished my first one. Not a very pretty cigar.Gave my cheek muscles a pretty good work out trying to get through this sucker, the only relief I got was to delay re-lighting it after finishing about half of this "ugly". I don't have words to describe the finish, only to say it can't be as bad as the bottle of listerine I'm heading for.
Bruce in Dallas, TX July 10, 2006
Montesino #1
Has to be the best Maduro for the price.
GRUTO in Purcellville, VA February 26, 2006
Montesino Toro
"Definitely a Best Buy!!"
This is my favorite buy on a cigar. Maduro or Natural, they are well constructed, always flavorful, and very consistent. Anytime! For the money I don't believe there's anything better.
jeff in Grandville, MI February 1, 2006
Montesino Napoleon Grande
"Great Everyday Smoke!"
I've been smoking cigars for years and still try different brands looking for the perfect stick. For just relaxing, or special occasions, I prefer La Gloria Cubana hands down. For golfing, or working in the yard, etc., give me a Napoleon Grande any time. Great taste, lots of smoke, easy draw is all I ask in a good stick. No matter how many brands I try, I always come back to a Napoleon Grande. Not always pretty to look at but always great taste! One can compare it to great sex with an ugly girl.
C. H. in Mobile, AL. January 9, 2006
Montesino Toro
"A very good mild affordable cigar."
I like this cigar. It is mild and affordable.
Randy in midwest December 30, 2005
Montesino Gran Corona
"Not as smooth as the Connecticut wrapper"
I love Montesino Gran Corona and it seems a lot of others do as well since the Connecricut is out of stock a lot. This being the case I decided to try the Maduro. While still a good cigar it just doesn't have that smooth taste of the Connecticut wraper.
Paul S in Illinois August 8, 2005
Montesino Robusto
"Mellow and smooth"
I client gave me a Montesino Robusto at the Opening Day of thoroughbred racing in Del Mar. Right away I noticed it was fresh and the smoke was as equally satisfying. Not big or bold, just a mellow, nice smoke. I'm not a "smoke it down to the stub" guy, but the mellow flavor kept going, why stop?
Dave K in San Diego, CA July 23, 2005
Montesino Diplomatico
"Maduro only"
Rich tasting, even draw, burn consistency
Robert Wampler in Olive Branch, MS March 31, 2005
Montesino Diplomatico
"Great cigar at any price"
I have been looking for a long time for a replacement for the Hamilton's Reserve Corona and I have now found it. For me this was a mild smoke with a great taste. The burn was even with a long ash. The appearence was excellent. As a smoker of mild sticks, I now have found a Fuente that I can enjoy. I have told all my cigar smoking friends about this brand. I will definitely continue with this cigar and may even share one or two.
Richard in South Pasadena, FL February 14, 2005
Montesino #1
"Excellent medium smoke for the late afternoon!"
This a great cigar with a pint of amber ale at your favorite bar on a Friday afternoon. It's got a smooth draw, relatively even burn (just keep turning), creamy mouthful smoke, and great earthy taste that remains almost to the end. Never had one until the other week, but I'll be back for more.
Brian U. in Harrisburg, PA February 13, 2005
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