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my friend and i went cigar shopping and it was the first thing i saw, so i figured id try it. not disappointed at all, great buy for $2.10. the taste was amazing and it wasn't harsh at all, only problem was that it kinda fell apart when i was halfway done
Kyle in Massachsuetts August 13, 2008
"Proceed with causion"
First let me say, Im fairly new as a cigar smoker (less than 1 year), now I picked up a bundle of these and found them a little inconsistent. I equate these with my ROLY #2, which did not live up to my expectations per reviews. First, love them, they are not very attractive to look at, the picture is to good for them, the burn is a little uneven at times. I've found that they do mellow out some after I put them in the humidor for 3 weeks. So as an amateur I would say, they are cheap and could be an ok smoke if your not looking for excellences. Would I purchase these again, (YES), if I plan to put them way for 3-6 weeks before smoking them. If your not will to do that don't waste your time. They seem to be to unpredictable for the short hall. For the long haul a cheap investment but nothing special! By the way, they will not impress your friends, so don't go there!
Bill in Brandon, Fl February 27, 2008
"Not worth the money"
I was very disapointed with these cigars, especially since they carry the Montesino brand. They burn badly, need to be relit constantly, and are a very loose wrap. I will not reorder.
John in RI November 12, 2007
"The Best Overall Cigar"
I really like these cigars! That is probably why they are sold out almost all the time. Yes they are not as flavorful as a CAO Brazilia or a Punch Gran Puro but they also don't cost $6.00 a stick. The wrappers are not as pretty as the "high end" cigars but are still very flavorful. The flavor is excellent, a nice earthy to creamy flavor. They are more than a mild cigar but not quite full bodied. (just perfect in my opinion) Construction is good but some do "soft spots" that can effect the burn. The draw has been PERFECT on nearly everyone that I have had. The burn is good but sometimes they do suffer some "side burners" and some smoke way to fast for there size. Overall- when comparing quality(flavor), price($1.50 per stick), quanity(25 huge cigars), these are the best overall cigars on the market that I have smoked.
Steve in Iowa November 6, 2006
"No wonder they sell out so fast!"
Starts out a bit strong & bitter, then mellows out into a creamy, leathery, earthy flavor that delicately yet powerfully says "Fuente". Make sure you stock up on these while they're available, because they sell quickly. After all, you're getting a Churchill sized smoke for a Lonsdale size price.
Matt H in Southeastern MI September 26, 2004
"A good cigar and real deal at the price"
This cigar is more of a Churchill than a Lonsdale. Wrapper is somewhat darker than most Naturals, almost a SG. Burn is even. Draw is light and full. Cigar is firm without being dense. Flavor is "earthy" with notes of leather. Slightly stronger than I had expected for the size. Well-made and consistent through the bundle. You can taste A. Fuente standing behind it. Ash is medium grey, light and flaky. An excellent golf cigar or for outdoors since the ash makes it a little messy. Others would probably sell for much more.
Franz Baskett in Fayetteville, AR March 3, 2004
"Ugly as hell - very tasty"
I was surprised - earthy, not dirty. Tasty, but not strong. Dog ugly wrapper, but what the Hell. I could care less if it tastes good.
Frank Szabo in Tulsa, Oklahoma March 6, 2002
"The Better Bundle"
This is a great bundle cigar! An even burn and draw. Consistent throughout the bundle.
Michael A. in Baltimore, MD. March 9, 2000
GARY in NEW JERSEY March 5, 2000
"A Best Buy"
Hate to let you know because,the price will go up. Great everyday smoke or save it for that special smoke.Never had a bad one.The best deal in a Fuente.Great price,taste,and very Consistent.
Keith M in Memphis March 4, 2000
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