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Moontrance Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Not Good"
Got 2 of the Petit Coronas in a sample pack. Loved them. Then I bought a box. Might as well have been smoking pencil shavings. Hard to draw, bitter, none of the taste I experienced before. A bad batch perhaps? I also bought a box of the Moontrance Belicose. A little better but again none of the flavor I experienced before. Oh yes, I also bought a tin of the small cigars. Good enough to enjoy. I have smoked Acids in the past and they were consistently good. The CAOs are totally inconsistent, a risky purchase not worth the money and totally disappointing!
Mike in MN September 24, 2014
"When they're good they're great"
This is my favor of the CAO Flavours, I really love the taste. My beef is the inconsistency of construction and flavor. At time they are rolled way too tight you have to stick a nail down to increase draw. And the flavor is also a grab bag. I recently bought my forth box, and so far the entire box is a disappointment. Usually I take a chance maybe 2 out of 40 aren't really good, but so far everyone has left me sad.
Leslea johnson in Arizona July 11, 2014
"Smooth and Sweet"
These stogies are some of my absolute favorites. They smell and taste amazing as if your being transported to a tropical island or something. If your just getting into cigars this would be my choice. I quite enjoy having a few in my humidor to give everything a nice fresh sent ... Of course hardcore smokers would probably never mix flavored cigars with regular/high end but I do enjoy the MIX!
ATB in ogden June 25, 2013
"Best CAO Flavored stogie yet"
Pre-light smell is a treat, I knew off the bat it was going to be a good one. Draw was smooth and the smoke refreshing. No regrets.
Mike in New York January 30, 2013
"Best I've had so far!"
I am new to smoking cigars. I have about 20 flavored cigars under my belt but this one was the absolute best!!!! It was so flavorful! Only downside was the draw, otherwise great! Defiantly will be getting more soon.
Ken in Lake Geneva, Wi December 2, 2012
"smooth cigar great at all times of day"
will but all cao love there cigars
jackie in nc June 25, 2011
"smooth flavor nice aroma"
If you enjoy a flavored cigar this is one of the best. Nice aroma.
in September 10, 2010
"A great smoke"
A beautiful ash and an outstanding taste. Best part is my wife doesn't even mind the smell.
P.Watson in Redding, California September 17, 2009
"Delicious and Delightful Aroma"
This cigar was given to 10 Coaches Wives as They enjoyed the cigar with a white wine. They raved over the delicious taste and called it the most delightful cigar experience ever. All 10 wanted another Moontrance and were loaded with curious questions. Several described it as feeling like royalty. Best cigar They've ever tasted, ever. only had 10 moontrance corona's, no replacements, once they were gone, they were missed and appreciated. Definitely worth trying this cigar, 10 southern football coaches Wives loved the cigar experience, Some claiming it to be the best ever. All 10 Ladies loved the aroma of the Moontrance. In one word, Delightful!
thebaby981 in LSU Country June 19, 2008
Truly a nice flavored corona! Very nice burn and great aroma. One of the ones I had was plugged and frustrated the hell out of me. But thats the way it goes sometimes!! All of the ones I have sampled, other than the plugged one, was fantastic. Highly suggest trying a few!!
Mike in NC April 14, 2008
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10 Burn (88) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (88) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (86) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (92) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (92) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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