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"Excellent, mild smoke"
This is an excellent cigar for the price. I have noticed an occasional "bad one" in the batch. But when they are good, they are very, very good. More care should be taken to ensure an overall uniformity of quality.
JD in Philadelphia, PA July 23, 2011
"I didn't really care for the cigar"
I recently bought this a little while ago. After reading a lot of good reviews. I must have got a bad pack because it had a really weird flavor. I really did not care for it. It smelt better then it tasted. I would try it again..
Thomas in CT October 18, 2009
"Best Flavor, Best Value!!!"
Definitely for the flavored cigar lover, I paired it with a French Vanilla Cappuccino on a cold morning, and it was great. I got this is the Flavours Sampler after buying the Moontrance Tubos, and I am very eager to see if the Tubos hold up. look for my review within the week! I recommend buying the Sampler and picking your favorite, they are all great!
Kyle in Indiana September 22, 2009
"I think I got a bad one"
The guy at my tobacconist had been talking these up for the past 5 times I had gone there so I broke down and spent all of 2 dollars on this cigar. He said it was one of his favorites and his favorite flavored cigar, bar none. How can you argue with that? I got it for an after work smoke and lit up after I punched the clock. The first inch and a half burned in like 5 min. really hot smoke until the nub and then it cooled off and smoked like a good cigar should for about 30 min. The taste and aroma was awesome,though which makes me think that I just got the bad one from that batch. Construction really is key I guess. I'll buy another one cuz they are so doggone cheap, but I'll inspect it a little harder to find one that looks like a winner.
Eddie in Dallas, TX April 15, 2009
"cool idea, but a little disappointed"
I was really excited to try this "high end" flavored Moontrance Petite Corona, but it was a bit disappointing. After spending over a week in a 68% RH humi, it still felt a bit dry, but I light it anyway. At first it was just a bit tough to draw and then the wrapper started cracking pretty bad. It started burning a tad bit hot and was hard to taste the flavor. Maybe I just got a bad one? I will give it another go though, because through all that, it seemed like it had potential to be an excellent cigar.
Nate in Poultney, VT February 26, 2009
"Come on... smoke with your wife!"
My wife loves these and whenever her non-cigar smoking friends try them, they are a big fan. Enjoying cigars together means enjoying more cigars!
Jeff in California January 21, 2009
"Awesome, and pretty inexpensive"
The benefits of this flavored cigar is not only a great, smooth, mild taste, but it has a fantastic aroma. Even the most finicky non-smoker will not complain about the smell of this beauty. The cigar is phenominal, but the way it is received by others is a treat as well. They are my favorite by far!!!!
Andy in Harrisburg, PA February 11, 2007
"c.a.o moontrance petit corona"
this cigar is by far the best tasting cigar i have ever tried. for those of you who like a after dinner dessert, here it is the best. taste is good with good draw and sweet smoke to fill the air around you. no bitter aftertaste whatsoever!! your lips will LOVE IT!!!!
henry in south gate April 22, 2004
"A real treat!!!!"
For those of you who love flavored cigars... This is the one and only one you need in your humidor! I enjoy both flavored an non-flavored cigars and i have also noticed that most flavored cigars are second hand roll ups. CAO's moontrance is a flavored super premium. It smokes like a dream! "Sweet dreams are made of these".
david vargas in san antonio texas April 13, 2004
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10 Construction (92) 100
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