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Mosaico Connecticut Reviews

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Mosaico Connecticut Petites
"You will be surprised!"
I bought these on a whim; was looking for a short smoke, everyday cigar. Great Construction, Great Draw, One light, Very pleasant straight tobacco taste. Never got hot like some small cigars do..Took about 45 minutes to smoke it...compares honestly to a Fonseca for the clean aftertaste...they came fresh, kept in humi for 3 days only! Very Good Buy!
John Henneck in Ft. Worth Tx February 18, 2012
Mosaico Connecticut Little Robusto
Nice cigar. Tried this in lieu of my regular Punch Elite.
Charles in Pittsburgh, PA January 16, 2012
Mosaico Connecticut Torpedo 50
"Mosaico Connecticut Torpedo 50"
Thought I would give these a try. They sounded pretty good for a cheap price. Should have put the money toward something good. Dont waste your money,its like smoking leaves. Im on my fifth one still nasty. I know better and bit anyway.
Brian in Michigan June 17, 2011
Mosaico Connecticut Little Robusto
"Good Stick"
Perfect cigar for everyday. I am working my way through the Mosaico line of cigars and have yet to be disappointed. Way better than the price would suggest and I HIGHLY recommend any cigar from Mosaico.
Paul Suffridge in Norman,OK May 31, 2011
Mosaico Connecticut Toro
"Terrible, just awful"
We all hope for a decent smoke at a really good price. This is NOT it. Extremely hot, flavorless and bad draw. I was dumb to buy them but Famous Smoke said they were good. I'm sending the ones I bought back. I've never returned a cigar. Even the toro size is actually smaller than it should be for a toro.
Jeff May 3, 2011
Mosaico Connecticut Torpedo 54
After 30 years smoking cigars I tend to be leary about smokes in this price range, but I took a chance. Whata great smoke! Perfect everyday cigar- even burn, smooth draw and a great flavor. A real keeper. Thanks Famous!
CD in Bristol, CT April 27, 2011
Mosaico Connecticut Double Corona
"Very mild"
Have been a smoker of the Backwoods type cigar for many years. Decided to try a nice hand made cigar so I chose these. they are so mild,I had to keep checking to see if it was lit. Hope the rest of them are as nice as the first. I think an outstanding cigar for the price
Chuck Pace Sr in Wis April 17, 2011
Mosaico Connecticut Presidente
"Falling apart"
Cigars started falling apart as soon as they were out of the wrapper.
Cecil Smith in Alabama March 14, 2011
Mosaico Connecticut Little Smoke
Awful. No taste, inconsistent, terrible burn. Mostly stems and stalks.
cigar dude in lakewood, co January 28, 2011
Mosaico Connecticut Petite Corona
I like how they taste but of the bundles I've tried almost half don't draw worth a hoot.
Jerel in MN November 17, 2010
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