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Mosaico Connecticut Reviews

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Mosaico Connecticut Lonsdale
Ugly wrappers, inconsistent sizes and flavors. The first one I smoked was a decent cigar, the rest have tasted awful. Grassy, mildewy flavor with a chemical aftertaste. These are overruns? Baloney.
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI September 26, 2010
Mosaico Connecticut Robusto
"Good for a inexpensive cigar"
Ok did not know what to expect,and would I re-order?? Hmm they make a good give away cigar .....It draws good ,weak on flovor ,good on thick smoke over all 7 out of 10.
Larkn5 in Illinois May 21, 2010
Mosaico Connecticut Minuto
"Love 'em for every day"
I have been ordering these gems for over a year now, smoke 2 a day and NEVER had a bad one. Consistent from bundle to bundle, lots of creamy smoke, great burn, and mellow. They are listed as discontinued but they are still around. Just picked up 7 more bundles, now that's commitment to a brand with a 70-'s era band. I hope Famous keeps them around.
Frank in Long Island, NY September 13, 2009
Mosaico Connecticut Minuto
"Outstanding little guys."
I got some of these over last winter when it is too cold outside to smoke a full cigar. The price was right, which was my main objective. Quality turned out to be what set these apart, though. I have found the construction on these little soldiers to be perfect and each one is identical to the last. When you get toward the smaller end of the stogie size scale some entries just become "something other than cigar." These are just smaller versions of big quality cigars. And, the price is still very good. I would put these higher on my list than many of the more illustrious names that live in my humidor.
chris in Maryland August 16, 2009
Mosaico Connecticut Minuto
"Depends on which one you get"
Bought several bundles last month and was quite impressed. Tight roll, silky smooth Conn wrapper, a good looking smoke. Unimpressive at first light, but the flavor builds to a rich, creamy head by the end of the first half-inch, then maintains to the nub. However, the next batch was a completely different smoke -- darker, coarser wrapper, looser roll, more of a spicy cocoa flavor. Easy draw, lots of smoke, but no payoff. Not a bad smoke, but nowhere near as good as that fist batch. The good ones are great. The not-great ones are merely good.
longirons in Alabama March 25, 2009
Mosaico Connecticut Minuto
"Not Good At all"
Looked pretty good. Had a very hard time getting it lit. The first 3/4 inch of the burn was ok, the rest of it was very uneven. Kept burning down one side. Almost went out a few times. Couldn't finish it. Had to throw it out.
MJPII February 20, 2009
Mosaico Connecticut Minuto
"A wonderful go to cigar for any occassion"
It's too bad they've discontinued the brand, this is one great go to cigar. The construction is faultless; the draw very good and the taste is wonderful for a smoke in this price range. We've shared this one with friends who spend high dollars for cigars, including Cubans and all have been impressed by the Mosiaco.
Alex December 16, 2008
Mosaico Connecticut Churchill
"Been smoking Rothchild Cameroon good short smoke"
I've been smoking this cigar on the course and on my way home from work for about four months. I have given them to friends and they think that I have given them some of my treasured smokes. Good taste good burn for a short cigar.
Rick in Hanover, Maryland November 14, 2008
Mosaico Connecticut Piramide XP
"Nasty start, but a fine finish!"
Once lit taste was real bad, not a good start. Didn't like the taste at all, but draw was perfect. Around the 3 inch I realized the burn was fantastic and the ash was firm just like my good smokes. Now towards the last half it's much better on taste. Finish was good as well. It's an OK yard gar. Burn, ash, draw and construction as a whole 8.5 Taste 6.5 only becouse of the finish!
Rusty in Georgia May 28, 2008
Mosaico Connecticut Churchill
This is, without exception, the absolute WORST cigar I have ever gotten from Famous. If you can get one of them unplugged, they taste just about like rolled up newspaper. I just threw 21 of them in the trash.
Don in Sebring, Florida March 4, 2008
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