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Mosaico Connecticut Reviews

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Mosaico Connecticut Super 60
"A good mild Cigar"
Took a chance on a bundle for the sale price of $19.95 and free shipping. I found these 6 x 60 posts to be a savory, well made mild cigar that reminds me of the Don Tomas Con. The draw was just fine on them, the perfect amount of effort and not at all like the face redding accounts I see on other reviews. A very good burn, clean and not needing much if any added attention from the torch. Overall worth the money and enjoyable for me, glad I took the chance. I do prefer a more robust smoke and may try the other wrapper choices.
Tabac Mack in Omak February 26, 2008
Mosaico Connecticut Perfecto #1
"Ya know, I think I would pass on this one"
O.K., anyone that has ordered a bundle of the Mosaico brand is, to say the least, taking a little gamble here. The name says it all. Now I'm actually going to order about 4 more bundles today. I actually love the line for the most part. As for the perfecto, you know how your parents use to tell you, if you haven't got anything good to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. As for the "Mosaico Perfecto" nuff said.
Kent Surratt in So Cal December 31, 2007
Mosaico Connecticut Minuto
"Great morning smoke..."
I'd like to keep these a secret.... I love'em in the morning with a great cup of coffee. Used to smoke Don Tomas Connecticut SE for breakfast, but find that this is a pretty good substitute for a lot less money. I've smoked several bundles and haven't had a bad one yet. I guess they have problems with the larger sizes...from the other reviews on here..but this is a keeper.
Mike in North Carolina December 20, 2007
Mosaico Connecticut Super 60
I'm a big fan of FSS. However, I think ya'll got snookerd on these. I have to agree with the other reviews. I'm not sure what these are good for but it's not smoking. There is a big knot in every one just under the band. I have never used a draw poker as much as I have on these. I have yet to find one that smokes properly, if at all. Spend your $45 on another brand. Use these to train your dog to fetch.
SteveM in Bucks County PA December 13, 2007
Mosaico Connecticut Super 60
These cigars are terrible. The draw is horrendous. The wrappers are paper thin and tear when you even breathe on them. One was so bad <DRAW/WRAPPER> that i just cut it apart to see what was inside. It was a long filler but with a lot of stems. I have never sent a cigar back to Famous but these I will. Out of the 7 cigars I tried to smoke, I actually got to semi puff one of them. I would put my money to better use. There are too many good cigars out there to waste you time and money on this one. For the record I am meticulous about my humidor . I have never had any problems with any other cigar from Famous. The old Willie Nelson line about "sucking the chrome off a bumper hitch" applies to the draw of these cigars.
Micheal in KY November 22, 2007
Mosaico Connecticut Minuto
"no complaints at all"
I am really pleased with the taste, consistency and easy draw especially in light of the price. Band is a little funky.
steve in delaware November 8, 2007
Mosaico Connecticut Super 60
Previously I was critical of this cigar for its lousy draw. I stand by those comments when it comes to the "Connecticut". However the "Havano" is a pretty well made cigar with a decent draw.
Roger in Crystalaire, CA October 21, 2007
Mosaico Connecticut Super 60
"Way too difficult"
Nice looking cigar but you better have some major suck strength to get any smoke through them. They're wound way too tight.
Roger in Crystalaire, CA October 11, 2007
Mosaico Connecticut Piramide XP
"Great Cigar, Great Price"
OK, first of all if you like, Casa Torano's, the former Reserva Reals, you're going to truly love this cigar. Well Balanced, mild smoke, with a warm whole grain base. Basically just a dammed good smoke. I bought a bundle of these on special last week, I going to order 6 more, no B.S... The last time I pinned a total bargain like this, they sold out the next day. So I'm ordering before I post this time.
Kent Surratt in So Cal September 16, 2007
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