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Mosaico Sumatra Reviews

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Mosaico Sumatra Robusto
"Not Worth the Time at Any Price"
There are enough good inexpensive cigars out there that you shouldn't waste your time with this one - very tight draw and low smoke production, mediocre flavor
Loren Davis in Hillsboro OR August 1, 2013
Mosaico Sumatra Corona
"overpriced at free"
picked these up at auction for a song, but they are nothing but trouble - tight draw, little smoke, below average flavor; definitely a waste of your cigar smoking time.
Loren in Hillsboro OR July 30, 2013
Mosaico Sumatra Corona
"avoid this"
picked these up on auction for $7/bundle. Not worth $0 bundle, as the taste is below average and the very tight draw makes it a ton of work to smoke for no reward. just a time waster.
Loren in Hillsboro July 18, 2013
Mosaico Sumatra Robusto
"it's what you'd expect for the price"
It's that cigar that youd give your friends who don't smoke at all for a first try as it wasn't that enjoyable for someone who smokes alot of cigars.
Mathew in Florida November 6, 2012
Mosaico Sumatra Robusto
"Charity Cigar"
This is the type of cigar you keep in the humidor for friends that never seem to bring their own. You'll feel no guilt handing over one of these. That way, you can hang on an enjoy the other premium cigars in your collection.
Brian in Raleigh, NC July 13, 2012
Mosaico Sumatra 4 X 30
"Shocked how good they tasted and the burn"
These little ones are perfect for a nice short cigar break. I even smoked one in the bedroom and an hour later she could not detect the cigar. I will keep these in my rotation.
Carl in Pacific Beach WA July 11, 2012
Mosaico Sumatra Robusto
"Wouldn't Buy Again"
Very poor construction leads to a weak burn, poor consistency, low-grade appearance. Taste was "Ok" and draw was fine. Would not buy again.
Tim in Hereford, MD June 27, 2012
Mosaico Sumatra Robusto
"Thumbs up!"
Smoked one the first day I got them: good draw, plenty of smoke, mild woodsy taste, less than decent burn, with a poor ash retention. Got a little hot towards the last quarter. Over all: a good quick smoke for the price! Their manduros are better.
Richard in Derby, CT May 1, 2012
Mosaico Sumatra Lonsdale
"Very poor cigars"
These cigars were so bad that I ended up throwing half of them away. They draw VERY hard, burnout contantly, and have a bitter taste. Don't buy these...
Fred in Marlboro, MA September 2, 2011
Mosaico Sumatra Robusto
"Too inconsistent"
There were a few out of the bundle that weren't bad, but many had flaky wrappers and/or didn't draw very well. I will not buy any more Mosaicos after my initial experience with these cigars.
Michael Kandrac in Grand Prairie, Texas April 3, 2011
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