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Mosaico Sumatra Reviews

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Mosaico Sumatra Short Torpedo
"Very Mild, Great Value"
I did like this smoke for the simple reason it was mild... maybe too mild but it was great with a lunch and a Stella Artois . I would buy a few more the easiest of the draw and it had a even burn as well. Great Value
Kitty in Bluegrass State March 26, 2011
Mosaico Sumatra Corona Larga
"These rock!"
This may not be the longest review you've read, but you don't need to know anything else other than: buy these cigars!
Jerry in Connecticut March 13, 2011
Mosaico Sumatra Minuto
"Not for Stoggie Snobs"
These little stoggies are not for those who think that a brand makes the cigar good. These are excellent smokes for the price. Would i rather smoke a Cohiba everyday well sure but for me that is just unrealistic. These are good to hand out to the uninitiated and one of my favorite yard-gars! All around I do recomend these to any one of any preference. Don't knock it till you try it!!!
Joe in South Texas March 3, 2011
Mosaico Sumatra Presidente
"Nice Smoke low price"
Enjoyable cigar for the price. Solidly rolled, only 1 out of the bundle burned inconsitent. They are a great every day mild tasting smoke. I'll buy them again.
Joe in South Texas March 3, 2011 in Pgh, PA. March 1, 2011
Mosaico Sumatra Robusto
"Put them in your Humi for few weeks."
Put them in your Humi for few weeks, and they turn out OK. They make a decent quick smoke if you do not have much time.
Scott in Illinois December 30, 2010
Mosaico Sumatra Small Panatela
These thing are harsh, have a bad draw, and the consistency is inconsistant. On the good side these little sticks got alot smoother with about 2 months of huimidor time. They are now smokeable but I can really recommend them to anyone.
Kimo in Hawaii October 14, 2010
Mosaico Sumatra Corona
"Best little stogie I've found:)"
Sorry to hear that some people don't enjoy the goodness of these little beauties. Just ordered a couple of bundles of these. Great price great burn,great consistency,great consistency.great draw,great appearance,greeaat taste, good construction,how can you not enjoy:)
daniel s in L.I. new york August 29, 2010
Mosaico Sumatra Corona
"To the guy with troble getting his cigar to draw"
I've had a tight draw on pretty much every brand at one time or another. I bought an ice pick and run them through lengthwise when I get one with a tight draw. Do this slowly as you can crack the wraper if you move too fast. Also, if you burn them for a minute or two it seems to warm them up enough to get the ice pick through without breaking the wrapper.
cigarro in Minneapolis May 28, 2010
Mosaico Sumatra Corona
"Would not buy again"
Like sucking a basketball through a garden hose. Puff Puff Puff Puff and still barely a wisp of smoke.
cigarro in Minneapolis May 28, 2010 May 14, 2010
Mosaico Sumatra Corona
"woody flavors, tight roll"
I'm quite a fan of Sumatra wrappers, so I bought a couple bundles of these from famous awhile back. Wrapper is fairly dark with some tooth, flavor is pleasantly woody, mild, with a little hint of cocoa and nuts from time to time. Not bad with a cup o' joe on my morning drive to work. Burn has been very even on all the ones I've smoked so far, with a flaky dark ash. A few so far have been rolled way too tight, with a very poor draw. So if you get these, I hope you have a Draw-poker or a long drywall screw or something handy. Thay are okay for the price I paid; they were on sale.
Dave in Beaufort, SC May 13, 2010
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