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Mosaico Sumatra Reviews

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Mosaico Sumatra Minuto
"Terrible! I threw them out!"
Wow. Just wow. These cigars are actually offensive to me. I bought a bundle of 20 and couldn't believe how bad they are. I have smoked 6 or 8. Save your money
Russ S in KY December 14, 2009
Mosaico Sumatra Corona Minor
"Don't even think these are a "deal". Worst ever."
If you have some extra sash laying around to use for new cigar experimentation. Keep looking. These are a waste of money and taste buds. These are probably the worst cigars I have tasted since I was a kid sneaking into the local drug store to pickup a Roi Tan or White Owl.
DB in Minnesota October 30, 2009
Mosaico Sumatra Corona Minor
"Not For Cigar Snobs!"
But if you want a solid everyday smoke that is easy on your wallet,you should try these.Very nice burn,firm white ash,consistent taste,perfect for the drive home from work,and saves money-nothing wrong with that!All for under $20 a bundle!
Shank H in OH October 23, 2009
Mosaico Sumatra Panatela
"great little cigar for the price!"
I ordered a bundle of these cigars despite the poor rating and found them to my liking. I would rate them as mild - moderate, and they seem to be a very good cigar. Ordering another bundle to see if they are as good, if so this may become my everyday smoke.
mike in ohio August 26, 2009
Mosaico Sumatra Robusto
"I thought these were a GREAT day smoke..."
Great taste, decent construction, good draw...Heck, for the price..They couldn't be beat...Just ordered 2 more boxes !!
B W Slate in Texas March 3, 2009
Mosaico Sumatra Corona Minor
"Lousy Cigar"
I've never been disappointed in a Famous Smoke Shop order until now.
Jeff in Lexington May 14, 2008
Mosaico Sumatra Panatela
"it's like smoking a really skinny breadstick."
mosaico was a real disapointment.
barry in westchester il. April 3, 2008
Mosaico Sumatra Toro
"Junk like this is why I quit Thompsons"
Received a bundle, and had to discard one right off the bat, as it was a torn, mangled mess, right out of the pack, and from the center of the bundle.... put the rest away for a couple of weeks, then tried one .... Whoops! ... "Must need to wait a while" I figured, and let them lie...... now, nearly 2 months in the humidor ... I've tried three in as many days. Absolutely, hands down, the worst constructed, worst drawing toro I've ever encountered. Two were thrown away after a few minutes of, basically, sucking on a rock. Finally got about half way through one this morning, and found myself wondering why I felt this need to punish myself with such a lousy draw, and bad tasting smoke. The remaining ones are in my humidor, and will stay there a while longer, unless I need the space for some real cigars. It is from having to deal with messes like this I stopped ordering from Thompsons. As much as I have enjoyed dealing with Famous, and as much as I have enjoyed trying several of their 'House' or 'exclusive' brands, this experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth ... both literally and figuratively. Save yourself some $$$ and a lot of frustration. Avoid this Sumatran Toro at all costs. Order some Baccarat Sumatrans instead. Difference of day and night, and worth whatever the difference in price, three times over.
Richard in Missouri February 1, 2008
Mosaico Sumatra Minuto
"Good going-home-from-work smoke"
I bought a bundle of these through CigarMonster, not knowing anything about them. They are a mild, easy drawing, aromatic smoke that's just the right length to match my drive home from work in the afternoon. Best twenty bucks I've spent in a pretty good while.
Herman in Conroe, Texas January 18, 2008
Mosaico Sumatra Robusto
"Quite possibly the worst cigar I have ever smoked"
I bought a bundle of these and could not get one to smoke. They were nothing but air. Very disappointed. Good thing they were cheap.
btg in Michigan December 27, 2007
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