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"Very Nice"
This has become my every day cigar of choice. They have a dark coffee / pepper flavor - very similar to Iron Horse. They are good - all the way down to the nub. You won t be disappointed.
Andrew in Little Rock AR July 27, 2014
Cho Woods in Delaware August 8, 2011
I am a fan! Priced great!
Ray Woods in Newark Delaware August 8, 2011
"Breva 100's the best"
Great everyday cigar for those who smoke 2 or three a day. Smooth draw, burns even. I have smoked these for 12 years and never had a bad one. I often buy a more expensive cigar and enjoy it much less. Made in America and you get the most for the price.
Dennis in California October 5, 2009
"Suble flavor on an All-American Cigar"
I'm a fan of American made cigars, and my brand loyality includes Marsh Wheeling, DeNobli and Topper Cigars. I'm also a working guy on a budget looking for a good smoke at drug store prices. So when I heard that Famous was stocking Muniemakers, I was anxious to give em a try, so I bought a box of the Breva 100's. I must admit I wasn't all that impressed on the first smoke...but as I got through the first box, I really began to appreciate the subtle flavor of this brand...the construction is old-fashioned looking, which is not a problem for me, and it draws and burns well---the smoke is mildly aromatic, and the flavor is very subtle, but interesting enough to hold my attention. Not a bad smoke at all, if you want a relatively mild cigar, with a suble flavor. It won't knock you on your ass, but if you like a masculine smoke and a economical everyday cigar, you won't really go wrong with a box of these traditional, All-American cigars. I will still stick with my beloved DeNobli's, and my Marsh Wheelings. But I'll be buying the Breva 100's again for a change of pace, along with my Toppers. Can't really go wrong with this smoke, in my opinion.
Hulka99 in Washington DC January 25, 2009
"Great Buck Cigar"
consistent all connecticut grown cigar, satisfying smoke for the golf course, tailgate or back deck.
Pete in Putnam, CT December 18, 2008
"From one native about another."
I'm not being modest or showing favortism as I am a Connecticut native too, but these smokes have been a favorite of mine for many years. Rich in flavor and aroma, these cigars are the perfect affordable everyday smoke. Peppery with a hint of coffee, bold and consistant. Try it, you'll like it!
Rev. J. Sherwood in Seymour, CT. January 26, 2008
"One of the finest, even if they were priced more."
This is one of the best tasting cigars i have smoked. Thats alot coming from a man with Fuente OpusX, Fuente Anejo, & the Hemmingways in my humidor. I put out a Hemmingway Work of Art today but couldn't wait to smoke another Muniemaker!! My opinion is they are up there with Padron & OpusX for their unique flavor.
David Williamson in Florida October 8, 2006
"nice $1 stogie"
I always grab a couple of these when I go to the cigar store. They are ugly, big varicose veins in the wrapper, and produce an almost black ash, but for some reason they taste really good.
Mark in Hicktown, MI June 18, 2006
"A Great Made in the U. S. A. classic"
I have long been a hand made cigar smoker, never thinking of even smoking machine mades. I was given a Muniemaker perfector 100 from my brother and was pleasantly surprised. The cigar has a fantastic pre-smoke aroma (smells like a chocolate marshmellow). The cigar burns a bit uneven, but hey its a machine made. As I smoked this cigar I was swept away to the Pennsylvania broadleaf tobacco fields where this cigar comes from. A slight peppery flavor, can be full bodied at times, with a sweet flavor and aroma througout the entire smoke. I have since bought boxes of these cigars for everyday/yardwork smokes. Try them, you wont be able to smoke just one!
Todd A. Ellerbrook in Texas March 31, 2006
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