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Muniemaker Reviews

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Muniemaker Breva 100's
"Great everyday cigar at the right price."
Cigars arrived fresh ready to smoke; they get better with time in the humidor.
Mike in Auburn Maine December 18, 2011
Muniemaker Palmas 100's
"great cigar for the price!"
This is a great cigar offered for the $$$$. Smoked Cuban, Dominican ect and for the price you can't go wrong. The only problem is the tight draw, but it beats the hell out of many other expensive cigars that are handrolled and much more expensive.
Charles in El Paso, Texas December 17, 2011
Muniemaker Dark
"great us made cigar"
i have smoked many brands of expensive hand rolled cigars and for me munies have been the most satisfying. good burn and draw.mild to medium taste. great cigar for the money.
f. rothammer in vernon, ct November 28, 2011
Muniemaker Dark 5 Pack
"good cigar if you want your eye balls to pop out"
the taste is good on the cigar the draw is to hard and the cigar is tight mike ct 10/24/2011
mike in connecticut October 24, 2011
Muniemaker Dark 5 Pack
"cigar review"
taste is good burn is good packing is tight draw is hard
mike in connecticut October 6, 2011
Muniemaker Light 5 Pack
"muniemaker dark review"
muniemaker dark is a good cigar the draw is hard and its packed to much but the taste is good the burn is smooth and the construction is good 10/6/2011
mike in ct October 6, 2011
Muniemaker Breva 100's
Cho Woods in Delaware August 8, 2011
Muniemaker Breva 100's
I am a fan! Priced great!
Ray Woods in Newark Delaware August 8, 2011
Muniemaker Long (4)
"great smoke for the price"
for 65 bucks a box can't beat it!
Ray Woods in Newark Delaware August 8, 2011 August 6, 2011
Muniemaker Breva 100's
"Excellent for factory made"
You have to judge this cigar for what it is, a machine made, inexpensive, all-broadleaf American smoke. In that context it excells. Great smoke when cutting the grass, BBQing, or working outside. I prefer this one over Topper.
Wayne in Ohio April 22, 2011
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