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Muniemaker Reviews

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Muniemaker Breva 100's
I am a fan! Priced great!
Ray Woods in Newark Delaware August 8, 2011
Muniemaker Long (4)
"great smoke for the price"
for 65 bucks a box can't beat it!
Ray Woods in Newark Delaware August 8, 2011 August 6, 2011
Muniemaker Breva 100's
"Excellent for factory made"
You have to judge this cigar for what it is, a machine made, inexpensive, all-broadleaf American smoke. In that context it excells. Great smoke when cutting the grass, BBQing, or working outside. I prefer this one over Topper.
Wayne in Ohio April 22, 2011
Muniemaker Dark
A truly great American cigar. Made from fine Ct. tobacco ...Enjoy
Muniemaker Panatela 100's
"A nice "every day" cigar"
Have always preferred maduro cigars. With age, I've migrated towards smaller ring guage. This cigar fills the bill.
Tony Caggiano March 5, 2011
Muniemaker Dark 5 Pack
a great american made cigar, with true Ct. wrapper...a True American smoke
Frederick Gehlhaus in East Greenville Pa. February 4, 2011
Muniemaker Straight
"it is what it is"
It is what it is. It is an affordable yet tasty smoke. Definitely for the more than 1 smoke a day man. Those who smoke 1 a day stay away.
Frederick Gehlhaus in East Greenville Pa. February 4, 2011 December 28, 2010
Muniemaker Straight
"This is a great everyday cigar, a real bargain!"
I smoke about four cigars a day. This cigar makes that affordable. It is a bargain for just pennies over a dollar. Best tasting cheap cigar on the planet!
Mel Redford in Boston MA November 12, 2010
Muniemaker Dark
"An American Classic"
These are better than most hand rolled. And that classic CT. broad leaf tobacco flavor is great. I keep trying other stuff, but why? I always go back to the Muniemakers. In today's over taxed cigar world, if you want a tasty medium body smoke, you can't beat the Muniemaker!
James S. in Lake Norman NC October 31, 2010
Muniemaker Long
"Great cigar great price"
I joke, since I know where the CT tobacco fields are. By the airport. Nothing like some JP8 in the morning. No but really a cigar that burns slow with the best wrapper and filler in the world! Cheap too!
David in Ct July 31, 2010
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