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"Nice Flavor"
Well made, good draw, good taste. For a cheap cigar I liked it. Good short smoke. They need to make bigger cigars.
Bobby in MI July 7, 2013
"One of my favorites"
Very nice character, one of the best old classics. A pleasure on an afternoons fishing break or watching the world go by on your porch. No pretensions, an honest smoke. Salud!
gerhardt in new britain May 18, 2013
"Sorry Guys !!"
I have been smoking cigars for about 12 years and this has to be the worst ever!! They have been in my humidors (3) for four months and are still terrible. They won't stay lite and canoe like a large ship. The taste is awfull and the finish is even worse. I've managed to struggle through about ten of these, hoping with each one, that something would get better. I don't know what the previous reviewers were smoking, but it sure as hell wasen't what I got. If someone offered me one, I'd have to refuse. I rarely do bad reviews, but this one deservs it!!
Bill in Covina, Ca June 3, 2012
"American made"
The best machine made cigars and I highly recommend buying them by the box keep it American
Frederick in East Greenville, PA April 24, 2012
"Good Everyday Cigar"
Being a usual hand made smoker, I was looking for a good machine made cigar and I must say, I wasn't disappointed with these. At first I just ordered 5 to see what they were like and now I am getting ready to buy a box.
Bob E in Fort Wayne, IN. February 5, 2012
"great us made cigar"
i have smoked many brands of expensive hand rolled cigars and for me munies have been the most satisfying. good burn and draw.mild to medium taste. great cigar for the money.
f. rothammer in vernon, ct November 28, 2011
A truly great American cigar. Made from fine Ct. tobacco ...Enjoy
"An American Classic"
These are better than most hand rolled. And that classic CT. broad leaf tobacco flavor is great. I keep trying other stuff, but why? I always go back to the Muniemakers. In today's over taxed cigar world, if you want a tasty medium body smoke, you can't beat the Muniemaker!
James S. in Lake Norman NC October 31, 2010
"Paid more for less"
I snagged a single to try these out and I have to say I'm impressed, I've paid more for a cigar and enjoyed them less.
Brian K in Holland Michigan July 30, 2010
"Not Too Bad!!"
I smoke only hand rolled cigars. Camacho, Oliva, Rocky Patel. I have been looking for a small, cheap, daily when time is an issue. My problem has always been finding one that smoked well. Most small cigars draw poorly. This one smokes perfectly every time and has a decant flavor. Not too bad!
btg in Michigan March 20, 2010
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10 Consistency (84) 100
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10 Draw (80) 100
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10 Appearance (66) 100
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10 Taste (79) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (74) 100
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