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Muniemaker Palmas 100's Reviews [view details]

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"Good value"
Decent cigar, has nice flavours of cedar, spice, leather, coffee. Draw way too tight, some suck my cheeks in when I draw. Tasted awful out of the box, they came dry and have a fermented filler so they were harsh and sour. but after a few days in the humidor they smoothed out and I could enjoy what is a nice decent flavour.
Andrew in Sydney Australia November 9, 2012
"great cigar for the price!"
This is a great cigar offered for the $$$$. Smoked Cuban, Dominican ect and for the price you can't go wrong. The only problem is the tight draw, but it beats the hell out of many other expensive cigars that are handrolled and much more expensive.
Charles in El Paso, Texas December 17, 2011
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