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Murcielago Reviews

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Murcielago Toro
"Excellent, consistent smoke"
I have rated this cigar 92% in my private statistics. Consistent taste, even burn and subtle nuances in flavors. This is an excellent smoke, well worth trying! Mind you, it is a big one so set aside 90-100 minutes.
Jan in Norfolk May 30, 2014
Murcielago Belicoso
"Amazing Cigar, one of the best maduro's around"
This cigar has everything, it is for the experienced smoker as it does pack tons of rich flavor and thick smoke. I bought a box of belicoso, they came beautifullywrapped and well rolled. The cigar is well worth the regular price, if you cant get it on sale. If your looking for a unique flavor, this is the cigar for you.
Mr. D in Miami, FL. February 6, 2013
Murcielago Rothschild
"A must try"
I don't usually smoke maduro sticks. This is the exception along with a padron.a nice smooth smoke. Well made, nice burn.
Shane B in Westerly, RI January 31, 2013
Murcielago Robusto
All aspects were VERY NICE. Burn, Flavor, Draw all VERY GOOD. Would recommend and will buy more for myself.
Pete in NYC August 30, 2011
Murcielago Belicoso 5-Pack
"I am hooked on this cigar and the #4 cubao maduro"
These two cigars will be the only maduros I will ever buy again. It took several years to come to this conclusion after trying well over a hundred different maduros but finally I found the absolute best tasting, constructed maduros I can stick with. I rate them both at a 97.
Mark Reimer in St Paul Minnesota August 3, 2011
Murcielago Belicoso
"Great Evening smoke!"
A Beautifully Rolled cigar almost a shame to smoke it, and it smoked as good as it looked only wish it was a little cheaper for a college students budget. will definitely buy more when i have the chance to splurge on these!
Matthew Narron in Greenville, NC April 14, 2011
Murcielago Churchill
"Pretty fair smoke-Tried at a smoke shop"
Pretty fair smoke - started out mild and developed excellent flavor depth by halfway through. Burned evenly with thick smoke.
Michael L in Pearland Texas September 8, 2010
Murcielago Test Flight
"The Devils personal smoke"
I smoke strong cigars but this through me for a loop. It is quite possibly the strongest cigar I ever smoked. This is a very good cigar but it is for experienced smokers only. Smoke this one after a big meal and from the comforts of your easy chair. You''ll be taking a little trip without leaving home.
Val in Sarasota, FL. July 26, 2010
Murcielago Robusto
"Maduro and Ligero Smoker"
I tried this cigar last night. One of the best new smokes I have had in a while. Strong but smooth all the way to the butt. It did not get hot near the tip like most cigars. So, I bought a box. If you like full and smooth cigars. This cigar is for you!
Sy A in Chicago March 4, 2010
Murcielago Belicoso
"Real Maduro Bliss"
This cigar intrigued me, only because it is a Pepin rolled stick that was not hyped everywhere, much like the Vegas Cubanas. In any case, I bought a box of Beli's from Famous and was totally blown away after smoking one off the truck. Do not let the "Mexican" wrapper throw you off, this is no Te-amo. The flavor is medium with sweet floral notes and a rich earthy maduro flavor. This cigar was great to the nub and really one of my favorite maduros next to the LFD cabinet maduro (premium line).
Nicholas in Novi MI February 4, 2010
Rocky Patel Xtreme
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