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Muriels Reviews

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Muriel Coronella
"Cheap, short, and good."
Perfect for a quick drive or winter when time is short. Lasts about 10 minutes, give or take, which is perfect for when it s really cold out or I m driving to school. It s not overly sweet which is what I am looking for; a natural sweet. I ordered a Ugly Coyote sample and those tasted like they were dipped in a vat of chemicals to sweeten it but these taste more natural. These are my daily smokes now. I used to smoke Good Time Cigars Factory Rejects but they took too long to smoke when it was chilly out. That being said, though they are good, they are dirt cheap and saying a 60 cent cigar is good, it s all relative.
A smoker from Rochester, NY March 4, 2014
Muriel Coronella
"Small, sweet, and cheap"
I bought this testing out various cigars that were small and cheap. I wanted to find a non-sweet cigar but at $1, it s impossible. I tried these on a whim and the reviews and I m OK with them but not blown away. The biggest attraction is the price though, at less than $0.60, you can t really beat it. It s a sweet smoke, not too sweet but the wrapper is too sweet on the lips; it almost tastes like candy which is gross. The smokes not too sweet but the draw isn t good. They are pre cut punched and it s a poor draw. I cut it more but that didn t help. Not a bad cigar for the price if you like sweet cigars that don t take 30+ minutes to smoke.
Dillon in Rochester November 23, 2013
Muriel Coronella
"RE: Coronellas Plugging"
Barry I agree ARE YOU FROM DES MOINES originally?
Jody in Des Moines Iowa October 15, 2013
Muriel Coronella
"Coronella Cigars plugging"
I agree with two other reviews. Lately the ends have been plugged and it does not matter if I purchase in the 50 count box or by the pack. I really enjoy the flavor and aroma of the cigar but no one seems to be able to tell me who I can contact to relay this issue to. I did try by e-mail and dos not work. Any ideas from anyone out there?
Barry Roth in Smithville, MO September 6, 2013
Muriel Coronella
"taste like a 10$ cigar! only smaller"
these are the best small cigars i have had. i can not believe how inexpensive they are! i will always have a box of these around now!
walt in northern WI August 4, 2013
Muriel Magnum
In the last 2 months I have had several cigars that do not have enough leaves so you have to hold your finger or put tape so you can draw smoke out of it. I also have had 3 that had round holes from worms or bugs in them alive when they were packaged thank you for your attention. I can't be the only one getting bad cigars
mike honrud in fergus falls mn July 16, 2013
Muriel Magnum
"They do"
As much as I prefer long fillers these are ok.
Todd Perry in Mt vernon, Wa April 6, 2013
Muriel Magnum
"consistantly good cigar"
I started smoking Muriel cigars when I was 14, and am now 65 and still enjoy the same taste quality and draw over the years. I've had better Jamacian cigars, but Muriel has to be the best U.S. cigar I've ever found.
Rick in Pampa Texas USA February 28, 2013
Muriel Coronella
"one of the best"
One of the best machine made that I've ever had and I will continue to only buy these.
Joshua in Greenfield Oh February 7, 2013
Muriel Magnum
"Made in the USA"
If you smoke a lot, this is the one.
David in Huntington August 23, 2012
La Floridita Fuerte
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