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Muriels Reviews

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Muriel Magnum
"They do"
As much as I prefer long fillers these are ok.
Todd Perry in Mt vernon, Wa April 6, 2013
Muriel Magnum
"consistantly good cigar"
I started smoking Muriel cigars when I was 14, and am now 65 and still enjoy the same taste quality and draw over the years. I've had better Jamacian cigars, but Muriel has to be the best U.S. cigar I've ever found.
Rick in Pampa Texas USA February 28, 2013
Muriel Coronella
"one of the best"
One of the best machine made that I've ever had and I will continue to only buy these.
Joshua in Greenfield Oh February 7, 2013
Muriel Magnum
"Made in the USA"
If you smoke a lot, this is the one.
David in Huntington August 23, 2012
Muriel Coronella
"Enjoy the flavor and taste"
I have been smoking them for over 5 years. I love the flavor and aroma. They have been freshly packed and the consistency has been very good. I only gripe I have is that for about 6 to 8 months lately, the hole ventilation (which I have enjoyed because I don't have to cut them) has been either entirely plugged or partially plugged to the point of not being able to get any kind of a good draw without having to repoke a hole in them in order to get any kind of a draw. This has occured mostly with the 5 pack ones, but now I'm seeing this in the box of 50 as well. I would like to relay this to the manufacturer, but can't send info to e-mail them.
Bruce R. in Rochester, NY October 21, 2011
Muriel Coronella
"Very good but occasionally inconsistent"
I agree with Jim Higbee, I too have been smoking them for years, and while I like them very much, I have found the same issues with the wrapping. Sometimes the paper ring, which is underneath the cellophane wrapper on the individual cigars, seems to be applied backwards. Also, A couple of years ago, I had a recurring issue with encountering several cigars in each box with gouges in the cigar, which reduced the draw to zero, resulting in a lot of wasted cigars. However, I have not encountered that problem recently.
Gary Vennes in MN July 15, 2011
Muriel Coronella
"Great smoke but a little inconsistant in quality."
Been smoking these for years and always enjoy their flavor and easy smoke. Perfect for those times when you only want a quick burn. Only gripe is an inconsistancy in the packaging. About one of six boxes have trouble with the wrappers not peeling off easily, which at times can lead to a torn cigar. Otherwise, I enjoy them a lot.
Jim Higbee in Virginia April 6, 2011
Muriel Magnum
"Machines are better than man"
In the "everyday cigar smoke" catagory, there's no beating Muriel Magnums when they're fresh. The burn is slow and stays lit (for a machine made smoke), sweet and savory, and inexpensive. Don't be a snob and enjoy a whole box of 'em today.
TxHos in Texas April 5, 2011
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