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"Okay, but Why the Fuss?"
From all the hype about MUWAT, I was expecting my socks to be blown off. Don't get me wrong, it's a fair full-flavored/-bodied smoke, but there's nothing notable about it. I've packed them in my humi next to Omar Ortez sticks, and to be honest, I really don't care which I pull out. All the hoopla had me expecting something with construction and flavor along the lines of Ave Maria, 601 Bomba, Oliva Serie V, or even My Father. Not even in the same league. Decent as it is, the price point is too high.
David in Virginia, USA October 6, 2014
"Surprised at how good!"
I like everything from a mild to a full bodied cigar and I bought some of these to give them a try. After having these 5x52 +11 s I think they are better than the 6 or 7x60 s. They have a fuller flavor being the extra fuerte. They burned evenly, even rather quickly. I had put aside 3 hour for my first one and was finished in 1. Lots of thick rich smoke all the way through. I got the same compliments on it s aroma from other people as well. This has become my new favorite smoke and I stock my box well!
Chase in Albuquerque April 11, 2014
"Excellent Smoke"
I had seen these in catalogs and wanted to try them but the price was a little much for a cigar I have never sampled before. I bought one that I found at a local cigar lounge and was thoroughly impressed. Flawless construction and excellent burn. The 6 x 60 stick burned over an hour, 2 glasses of scotch and a beer . I would personally rate it a 97 out of 100.
J.Moore in Connecticut June 1, 2013
"Cigar much better than the name"
Bought 5 of these after reading a favorable review-never bot because of a strange name. This is an awesome full body stick. Ignore the name
Big Al in Dublin, OH May 5, 2013
"All time favorite"
This is the first cigar I have ever rated 100 across the board. I have smoked the MUWAT Baitfish and some of the 6 and 7x60s, and this is the best size of the bunch. The large gauged Uzis are very sweet. The Baitfish are sweet as well, but have a very full, robust flavor. This size blends the sweetness of the larger gauges with the fuller flavor of the Baitfish for a fantastic, well balanced smoke. The room note is fantastic (I cant smoke one without someone saying how good it smells). The burn is perfect until you get down to about an inch and a half left (but what cigar don't you start losing burn after your last ash falls?). Looks great, everything. Some MUWAT + 11's will ALWAYS be in my humidor.
Greg in Georgia March 24, 2013
"Ok, not great."
This cigar was high on my list of cigars to try. Let's face it, the name is pretty cool. But I have to say, the cigar isn't that great. It's a decent smoke, and one that I will try again soon, but the smoke was harsh like the leaf wasn't cured properly. And the draw was hard. It did mellow out a bit later in the smoke. Try a Tatuaje or a Flor de las Antillas instead. Or better yet, try a Illusione Epernay, which is a very easy drawing cigar with fantastic taste.
Vin in Bellingham, WA March 12, 2013
"Great Cigar"
One of the best I have ever had. I keep plenty of these in my humidor at all times.
Keith in Enid, OK November 21, 2012
Was a great smoke my dad and i stopped in this little cigar shop in Il and each had one we were both rather enamored by the smoke i will definitly partake again should the opportunity arises.
Jacob in Atl Ga November 9, 2012
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10 Consistency (96) 100
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10 Construction (94) 100
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