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MUWAT Reviews

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"Okay, but Why the Fuss?"
From all the hype about MUWAT, I was expecting my socks to be blown off. Don't get me wrong, it's a fair full-flavored/-bodied smoke, but there's nothing notable about it. I've packed them in my humi next to Omar Ortez sticks, and to be honest, I really don't care which I pull out. All the hoopla had me expecting something with construction and flavor along the lines of Ave Maria, 601 Bomba, Oliva Serie V, or even My Father. Not even in the same league. Decent as it is, the price point is too high.
David in Virginia, USA October 6, 2014
"Surprised at how good!"
I like everything from a mild to a full bodied cigar and I bought some of these to give them a try. After having these 5x52 +11 s I think they are better than the 6 or 7x60 s. They have a fuller flavor being the extra fuerte. They burned evenly, even rather quickly. I had put aside 3 hour for my first one and was finished in 1. Lots of thick rich smoke all the way through. I got the same compliments on it s aroma from other people as well. This has become my new favorite smoke and I stock my box well!
Chase in Albuquerque April 11, 2014
MUWAT Bait Fish
"Good for a short break"
great for the short break last thru on cup of java, nice complement, much better that the larger cigars in the UZI LINE
DAWG in N.C. November 24, 2013
MUWAT 5x60
"Surprised, PLEASANTLY"
I was skeptical about this stick, but Drew Estate did one hell of a job with this one. I'm a big fan of the Liga Privada line and was unsure if they could capture my attention and taste buds again with something quite different. Smooth, consistent, flavorful, and most of all, very, very enjoyable. Good enough to be a regular in the rotation even for a fatty. Everything about this stubby bastard is dynamite.
Dizzle in Los Angeles November 13, 2013
MUWAT 6x60
"Size Matters!"
I agree with an earlier review. the 5x60 is a much better smoke. They are, like most Drew Estate cigars, an acquired taste. I find them to be very similar to the Liga Undercrown. Very delicious!
El Jefe de Cuba in Habana, Cuba November 12, 2013
MUWAT Bait Fish
"Very good"
Wood, leather, and some mushrooms. Fantastic ash, ok smoke. Not very complex but a very good, consistent little cigar that burns for about 30 minuets.
Stefan in City by the Bay November 8, 2013
MUWAT 6x60
"They Suck Big Time"
This was one of the most tasteless cigars I've ever smoked. There are cigars out there for $2 that are better. Very disappointed.
Pat Manzo in Anaheim, CA July 20, 2013
MUWAT 7x60
"Deliciously smooth"
Smooth easy burn first to last draw. Great taste.
Kelp in New Mexico June 29, 2013
MUWAT Bait Fish
Great burn, nice medium to full flavor and lots of smoke. Excellent quick smoke.
Kurt in Appleton June 28, 2013
"Excellent Smoke"
I had seen these in catalogs and wanted to try them but the price was a little much for a cigar I have never sampled before. I bought one that I found at a local cigar lounge and was thoroughly impressed. Flawless construction and excellent burn. The 6 x 60 stick burned over an hour, 2 glasses of scotch and a beer . I would personally rate it a 97 out of 100.
J.Moore in Connecticut June 1, 2013
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